Thursday, November 29, 2007

Nice Kitties, one for you, one for me, another for ...


This reminds me of the time my dog, Duke, found the skunk while he and I were playing in our ditch. I was around ten or eleven and the ditch was a wonderful place to play.

My favorite play item was Grandpa's old Buick. I can't remember if it had a steering wheel, it did have seat springs and an open top, and a wooden wheel or two still left. That Buick is buried still in the silt build-up.

I also liked to play in the junk people, Dad's relatives and neighbors, threw away in several piles. That stuff is under dirt now too. I found several treasures there.

This treasured item I have still. There is a small crack but it is mine. Old too, probably around a hundred years or so.

The corn cob is modern, a 1960's or 1970's or so.

How did Duke make out after finding his skunk? That skunk let him have it, right in the face (faces have noses and mouths). Duke was sick for half a day.

But we couldn't help him very much. Poor Duke, he smelled too bad for us to even get close.

Oh yes, the kids and skunks picture. Well, I got this e-mail:

Date: Wed 28 Nov 17:28:40 CST 2007
From: W T
Subject: Fwd: Kittens
To: A bunch of us

So there I was . . . just relaxing in front of the T.V. When the kids
yelled, 'Hey Dad , come see the kittens.'

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Hi Jim ~~ Those kittens look very young. Poor dog with the message from the skunk. I like your treasured keepsake. Glad you liked the T-I-M-E story and the jokes.
Thank you for the jokes you sent me -
they will find their way to my blog
eventually. Take care, Regards, Merle.
Hi Jim. When I took that ride in the helicopter last summer someone turned up with a pet Skunk, they were walking is around on a lead as if it were a dog. They aren't native to this country so it turned out to be more of an attraction than the helicopter. Bob.
Man do I feel for Duke. I got sprayed once - it wasn't pleasant.
Ah, but they're such cute kittens. They won't spray unless they're threatened, no?
Hi Jim, Just popped in to say hi,
Ohhh that poor dog getting sprayed by the Skunk Phewwww
Poor Duke!!

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