Saturday, November 10, 2007

What is Jim doing? Hint: he is following directions

When you think you know what the
directions say,
click "THE ANSWER" button below
to see if you're right.

(or if you just give up)

Mrs. Jim with Guatemala children: (link)

Jim picture with slight face painting: (link)

From Dale's Guatemala blog report: (link)
[Dale is in the first picture on the left]

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Well, the first thing that I thought of was when I work at the peanut butter cannery for our church. We make 30,000 cans of peanut butter in two days twice a month. This peanut butter goes into our church welfare system and it is distributed to the Bishops storehouses all over America. I've seen plenty of peanuts. If you are interested in seeing how the process works, we will be doing a short run next Wednesday. Our peanut butter factory is located near I-45 and 1960. You are welcome to come at my invitation. FYI: We also make peanut butter for the Houston Food Bank.

After that thought, I noticed the # 10 can and the lid underneith.

Glad you had fun on your mission trip.
The links were great!
I am sure you will both be missing the children for a long time.
Dale's post was beautiful.
I am hungry for peanuts now.
I wonder why?
Have a wonderful weekend!
(=':'=) huggles
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one
A lot of nuts are healthy if eaten in the proper proportion. I love almonds and pistacios, and also good ole peanuts too.
Hi Jim ~~ Something else to maybe
save us from heart attacks. Must get some peanuts ~ I always have cashews
here but maybe they don't help as much. All the photos were great.
You all did well !! Take care,
Best wishes, Merle.
Enjoy those peanuts. My mom is an almond and walnut marketer for an almond company in CA.
I get free nuts!! Chocolate covered almonds and my favorites which are Balsamic Herb almonds.

You and your wife look just as thrilled as the children in those photos. Face painting looks good on you!
I love peanuts!! Pass that jar!!
Dear Jim,
I used to love peanuts until my stomach said no. Who can eat only a handful of those tasty nutties.
Now I have to use three pillows when I go to bed, if I don't want to greet the nuts all night long after enjoying a bag.
Hope you are all getting healthier and happier each day. The pictures all say Wish I were there.
Gidday Jim,

Didn't know the answer, but when I clicked on the answer, aaahhh may help the heart. I knew this and I love peanuts and keep a jarful in my kitchen and help myself to a handful quite often. Not easy to stop at one handful, but one has to be careful not to eat to many, as like lots of things too much is often not good for you.
I leave my comments in my e-mails until I get round to answering them so altho' I'm quite slow in answering this, you asked whether those were mushy peas in that pie. Yes they were and I can only eat peas (and mushy peas) in a pie and nothing else. Don't like the taste of whole peas (how strange is that). Same as peanuts, love them, but don't like peanut butter.

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