Friday, November 16, 2007

Who called the cops cows? -- Coming down this Guatemala street

[click any picture for large size]

Do I see a cow here?

Yes, several of them!

There they go. I wonder where to?

This little old lady (a lol) was fully in charge.

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At least where I live it's pretty unusal to see a cow and a motorcycle that close together.
Jim - So let me get this straight... In Spain they have "The Running of The Bulls", but in Guatemala they have "The Walking of The Cows?" ~ jb///
I guess something didn't happen until the cows came home? LOL

Those cows seem pretty tame Jim!
Where'd they go you ask? I saw one hop that bike and take off like a bat outta you-know-what!
Gidday Jim,

I'm back after a bit of a spell from blogging. Mind you I'm not a frequent poster and I've been away visiting my daughter some 600 miles away and internet free (that's my excuse). Now don't tell me you didn't follow to see where them there cows went. Shame on you Jim, you've left us wondering where they went...did they go home?
Just went out for a wee (no, no, not that sort of wee, like a widdle (oh, no, not that sort of widdle) walk (gosh I'm getting myself into all sorts of trouble.

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