Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Boxer Day!

You don't celebrate that holiday? Well, you aren't in the U.K. or you would be.

In the U.K. it is a national holiday. Always it is the day after Christmas. What do you do on Boxer Day?
Go here to find out.

You might just call in sick next year and do your own boxing. Or perhaps you do that anyway. Lots do.

Q: What is Dr. Jim discussing today? (link)
A: That second of coffee, how to enjoy it

[The real thing this time]
[Be sure to click on both pictures]

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Very nice picture of you and Mrs. Jim below....I suppose I have missed several of your blogs while I was busy getting ready for Christmas, I'll have to go back and catch-up from where I left off.

Nebraska looks cold...It was nice here in Houston, I actually saw several young girls walking around in shorts. It was really too cool for shorts but you know how young girls are.

Boxer day sounds good to me....
Dear Jim,
thank you for your nice cyber Christmas tree. Love it.
I've just checked my new Filofax.
Canada is the country in whole wide world with least holidays, they have only 6, whereof 2 Christians. USA have 10, but only one Christian.
Norway and Finland have 12, whereof 10 Christian Holy Days.
Second Day of Christmas, Easter and Pentecost are Holy with all shops closed (Except for gas stations). No retuning of gifts until tomorrow. I don't think any of us will return anything at all. We are all contented. Gunnar and I have not got our "big" gift yet. It is supposed to be a Cannon G9 cam, but it's not for sale in Norway yet.
I think we are going to save quite a few bucks by ordering from the internet, about 100 US dollars actually.
So we have a happy new year to look forward to.
Hope Adi is doin well,- and her parents too.
From Felisol
Looks like you had a good Christmas Jim! I loved the picture on the previous post of you and Mrs. Jim in Burt Co. with all that snow about. Very Christmasy picture!!
Ok, guys. We posed for that picture thinking it would be our 'Christmas picture.'
I think we did good. We really had a nice afternoon at the Museum.
When Dad was on the board, we started going there and have ever since. (Mrs. Jim and I are life members, but a lot of people are.)
It isn't a holiday were I live but being aware of boxing day, we wish each other :)
They celebrate Boxing Day in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand too (according to my calendar).

I wish you and Mrs. Jim and all your loved ones a healthy 2008!!
I like the first picture best. Those boxers look like they're worth celebrating! :)

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