Sunday, December 23, 2007

Santa shops, did you know that?

Where does Santa shop? The Tractor Supply Store, at least Rudolph shops there, I saw him today, and his car. He was buying Ertl toys.

[click pictures for large]
[click runza for super size]

Our Tractor Supply Store was having a 30% off sale today. I hear Santa and Rudolph get things for half price.

Santa knows I want an Ertl (1:16) John Deere "B" for Christmas. That was the first tractor my dad ever had.

For more picture ideas for John Deere toy shopping, click here.

Just the picture:

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Our store like that (Bomgaars) carries those too. I looked yesterday and they had an Oliver 77 that I've been looking for. But it was the LP model and not what I wanted.
They also had an Allis-Chalmers D-14, like Dad bought new in 1957. (I still own and use it)But I wanted the wide front model so I struck out on both. Those tractors will be 50% off after Christmas.
I like that Rudolph car.... someone was thinking ahead! Nice tractors. Do you think Santa got the hint?
Yes, Cliff. If they would have had good stuff, I would have bought at 50%. But there wasn't anything I wanted/needed.
Those two in the box were 50% off sometime this summer.

Lois said she had a lot of snow, more than when we were up.
No, Karen. Santa hasn't looked at the blog yet. Besides they don't have one where Mrs. Santa could get it.
Rudolph is finished shopping too.
The license plate was changed by
Microsoft ® Paint to protect somebody I didn't know.
I was in astore the other day and saw a John Deere tractor toy. I almost bought for a shelve in the basement. But Char wouldn't let me.
Ralph, my two new tractors were purchased (this summer at half price) with "birthday money."
That goes over well with Mrs. Jim. Otherwise it sits around and gets lost.
Most of my "birthday money" goes for toys, before that it was a black 1948 Ford Convertible, 1:18 scale diecast (at a bargain price too).
Those tractors all lined up look like an Amana Colonies store.
Yes, Lois, it was. Back in August 2006. If you click on your name it will tell about part of that visit, the part when you finally got rid of us freeloader houseguests.
Thanks again, we had a nice visit!
Tractor Supply has lots of goodies in their store!

Merry Christmas Jim!!!

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