Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"w00t" -- would you please use this word in a sentence for me.

Thanks! Go here for some help.
Merriam-Webster's Word of the Year 2007, "w00t, we 0wned the 0ther team" in gaming language (

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w00t still needs to be satisfactorily defined for me.
"L8r" I can understand; as in "C U L8r"... but "w00t" probably has many uses. Have U figured it out?
Jim, you would have passed Loch Tulla after you'd passed over Rannoch Moor and just before the Bridge Of Orchy. You would have been on the east side of the loch whereas the pics you see here are from the western end. To get there you take a small side road from Bridge Of Orchy. Thanks for taking a stab at what Tippy was looking at.
W00t is not even in hitonious's league.

W00t is what an owl says.

W00t can only hope to kiss the feet of hitonious.

Hitonious is a glorious word.

W00t is a fun word.

Glorious trumps fun, but fun is good, so w00t is good.
Dear Jim,
w00t you please help me, I do not speak English that g00t.
You make me laugh!
You mean, go there for help if you use w00t in sentences?

I'm with you janell.

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