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Eating with the Jim Bunch for a month

Thought I'd change up here a little bit and put some food ideas on. You will see some of the types food I like.

[Click on any picture for a large view, where available you can click the link for Jim's supper sized, super size if you'd rather.]

New Years Day

[click here super sized]
New Years Day in the South means black eyed peas and cabbage. The peas are for wealth, the cabbage for health, during the next year and the future. And of course good Southern food is cushioned by made-from-scratch cornbread. The ham was from Thanksgiving day leftovers.

We don't believe in influencing luck by what we eat, but it is a Southern tradition we have followed for the 34 years we have been married.

Southern people eat black-eyed peas, most Northerners don't. When General Sherman went through the South burning everything, including the food supply, he didn't mess with the black-eyed peas. He thought they were food for the cattle, and his troops had already killed or eaten the cattle.

So, the people who survived boiled those beans and ate them. It was like they were rich, they had a lot of food. Only thing, it was all in the granary formerly food for the cattle.

I have no idea why they eat the cabbage, I'm sure it too was at some time they were lucky in health and had been eating cabbage.
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For supper that night we would share this frozen Runza. It was the of last Runza's we brought back from Nebraska in early December.
Runza information blog]

New Years Eve

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Mrs. Jim's Sunday school class had their annual New Years Eve party at a member's new home. About half of the 120 or so were there. At that age a lot were baby sitting with the grandkids.

New Years Eve Day

[click here for super sized]

We were eating 'light' to bone up our appetite for the New Years Eve party! These are all Thanksgiving leftovers except the banana and pineapple fruit salad. That pretty well cleaned up the left overs except for meat.

Texas Bowl Day at Reliant Stadium

[click here for super size]

Before the game we visited the University of Houston Alumni tailgate area. Here we are eating a sausage tortilla. That was excellent, the guys got two links in theirs. BP, me, Karen, and Mrs. Jim were chomping down. Billy took our picture.

Right after I went looking for drinks. We all had water (bottled) and I had a 7 UP in as well. We had a hot dog and coke at the game later on.

Billy and I are alumni, Mrs. Jim was an adjunct field placement teacher for the School of Social Work. [Karen is Baylor, Mrs. Jim is LSU, Bailey is shopping around.] Anyway, the Houston Cougars didn't play good enough, TCU won by a touchdown. Not too bad, I guess, for playing without a coach.

We all enjoyed the Cougar Band playing at half-time. [click for super size]

Christmas Day

Karen, Billy, and BP came to eat with Mrs. Jim and me. I was taking the picture.

We had baked brie with crackers as appetizer. Mrs. Jim had cooked ham and roast beef, and she made dishes of green beans, mashed potatoes, beef gravy, sweet potatoes, made-from-scratch dinner rolls, a spinach and lettuce salad, and three kinds of pie. The pies were pecan, apple, and pumpkin.

Needless to say we had some leftovers.

Mrs. Jim's rule No. 01-112 says to take the Christmas tree down the day after New Year's. We did.

A couple of Saturday nights before Christmas we had our family Christmas gathering and dinner. Tim's friend, Terry, had all seventeen of us at her house.
Here we have Mike's wife, Sharon, and Karen and Mrs. Jim.

Susie, Carmen, and Mitch having hors d'oeuvres.

The breakfast room and kitchen were favorite gathering places.

The big wedding

The reception was held here and in the colonial house across the driveway. The band was under this tent with us. Click here for the wedding post.

The snowy day in Tekamah, Nebraska

The Cliff Bunch and Jim Bunch both eat good! Click here for the blog story.

At the Blair (Nebraska) Bakery.
The last was the first in time for this series.

In the mornings we would have coffee and fresh baked rolls for breakfast at the bakery. That could get habit forming.
Just a small boast here, in the year 2007 I did not eat one single donut. We will see how it works in 2008, that was probably a silly thing, denying myself of the sweet goodies.

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Good eatin' In the Southeastern South, it's black-eyed peas and collards.
Hi Jim ~~ I sure don't think you will ever starve with all that good food and festivity. Glad you all had a wonderful time. Now I guess it's back to sausages and eggs. I googled Runza and that sounds yummy too, so may try it. Now that socket set of my s-i-l. Joh is in the Army and is taking his BMW car back to camp and the good set of tools he bought, All paid for by doing relief milking for neighbors and s-i-l said the tools should stay and went & bought the socket set.
He rarely uses tools, Kathy does more than him, but he's happy and can pay for anything he wants done.
Jim, Thank you so much for going to all that trouble to send me the info for transferring things from my old blog. I will try it sometime soon. I usually do my posts straight into Blogger, but I used to do them in Word and paste them.
It was very good of you to be so helpful. Take care, Regards, Merle.
"The last Runza" makes me sad. You have my sympathy.
The pineapple banana salad looked wonderful - is there dressing? How does one cook black-eyed peas to make them less boring? All of our food pictures look wonderful. Send instructions!
Jim - Wow! It must have been a while since I checked out your blog? It looked like you REALLY did some EATIN' for the holidays. Either that... or it is getting close to dinnertime for me! Either way... it all looks good enough to eat (except for maybe the FROZEN Runza)! Looks like you all did real well by the holidays! Nice looking friends and family you have there TOO! I had never heard the black-eyed peas story before either. I thought they were just a Hip 90's band? Got to run and get something to eat now! ~ jb///
Dear Jim,
my poor stomach hurts from seeing all the Texan goodies.
I think I've added a couple of pounds more just by looking. I'm on a New Year diet, very mild one, but now I want to rob the fridge.

I'd very much like to know how Mrs. Jim is doing. Hope,- presume that you're taking good care of her.
From Felisol
Ok, you didn't eat one single donut. So, how many did you eat at one time?
(not one single...)...and other pastries don't count?
Lois -- Well yes, really 'no donuts last year, at all.' Hostess sugar coated round cakes with holes yes, but no real donuts.
I didn't mention other pastries.

Felisol -- I would trade some of your good seafood for most of what we had. Not the Runza though.
BTW, we do have good seafood here, fresh from the Gulf of Mexico. But I didn't eat any of that in last month.

LZ -- Jerry, that Runza was the BEST is had since Blair, Nebraska.

Janell -- Mrs. Jim made the cabbage dish from scratch, as did she the corn bread. But I opened a can of black-eyed peas with peppers.
Mrs. Jim has been under the weather; she felt she had to cook these goodies even if not feeling good. She hasn't missed in XX years now, and since New Years Day is also her birthday, this is better than cake with candles to her!

Merle -- No, there isn't any problem with me starving. Someplace I have Mom's recipe for Runza's.
Does Joh really milk cows? Or is that an Aussie saying?

Doug -- It is the best, just like Southern Louisiana! Mrs. Jim is French (not Cajun) with roots from France to South Louisiana.

BTW, Mrs. Jim went to the doctor yesterday and is feeling some better now. Better yet tomorrow we are hoping.
Hi Jim
What a time for me to visit,all that great food and me on a "DIET".
Great photos and please say a very
Hi again Jim ~ ~ I came by to thank you for the Gentle thoughts (which I posted tonight), but I see you are all still eating!! Does it never end at your house? Anyway, I liked them and posted them earlier tonight.
hanks for sending it on to me.
Take care, Regards, Merle.
Eating... what a nice hobby.
The bad thing about the blackeyed peas and cabbage is someone could find you in the dark if you were trying to hide.
Thanks for the memories. And the food pics. Now I must go find something to eat.
We had the same yummy food over here, a tradition for us as well.

I have never heard of Runza though.

Hope Mrs. Jim is feeling better...I know you are relieved to have that tree down and put away. Ha!
I still don't eaten donuts, haven't since, I guess it was 2007 when I stopped.

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