Friday, January 25, 2008

A riddle for you

What is here today and gone tomorrow?
(scroll down for a hint)

The hint:

(Answer is below, scroll again)

Why, it's Winter in Houston,
cold today and warm tomorrow.

Of course we could be in Nebraska or Iowa again (or Colorado).

Nebraska on a snowy morning.
Temps were not cold (for Nebraska) this day,
they were in the upper 20's.

Some snow got on the windshield!

Blair (Nebraska)

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I miss Iowa winters. Southern California storms are nice but too rare and a boy needs snow to play in now and then.
Gosh, you are making me cold Jim showing all them snowy pictures! Brrrr......
It is almost 50 here in Denver today. Snow tonight.
BITE me, J. We made it all the way to 29 degrees F today!
Hi Jim.
Thanks for calling in,you guys are cold and I'm just about to go for a swim.
See you !!
Never fear Janell. It's going to get into the 40's for the next two days and all of the snow birds will be fleeing the hot, crowded southern climes for good ol Nebraska.
Jim the new car below would be worth about what, 7 or 8 acres of prime Nebraska farm ground?
I'll bet we'll see it out on the farm one of these days.

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