Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Job Adi and her friends

This is Adi's most comfortable place.
It is her night time bed in our bedroom.

Beside the blog writing station.

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Poor puppy.

Happy WW
How do you get anything done with that view?
Adi still has her collar on. My son's dog just had a tumor removed from her paw that was the size of a pecan. It has been sent in to see if it is cancerous, I sure hope not.

FYI: Our General class is filling up fast. We already have 17 of 20 spots filled. I went over to Houston Ham Radio, on Cypresswood at I-45 and got my General manual. Wish me luck, the class starts March 4th.
You've got a nice set up there for Adi.
She should have no complaints since she obviously lives high on the hog.
ok - my desk is NEVER that clean! love the forelorn look on the dog. i guess if i had to wear the neck jewelry, i'd be pretty forelorn, too.

happy ww!
Poor Adi ... what a sweet friend you have in her. I hope she has a full recovery. Now,Mr. Jim ... were you eating the large scones and Mrs. Jim eating the small? I prefer the lemon curd mixed with a bit of whip cream on mine. We still have some snow but our roads are clear ... it will be a while before it all melts here on the mountain ... but it's almost gone down on the prairie.
Adi has some cute stuffed animals to keep her company! I hope she gets that lampshade off soon!

I hope all was good news at the doctor today for you!!
He doesn't look too comfortable!
Bet she's thinking about when that darned collar is coming off. Soon, sweetie, soon.
Yes my desk was that clean only the day I got it out of the shipping crate.
But I know you inherited that trait. I looks just like C. Vernon's used to.
Adi looks like a space cadet rady for take off.
Glad the report was good on the tumor.
Cliff and Kaye caught me! My desk is so cluttered there isn't any place to put the computer, let alone room for me to sit

This is Mrs. Jim's desk. She lets me put my computer there to use the printer or scanner. No room for it on or by my desk either.

I keep things policed up pretty good on hers so she won't complain when I use it. Her computer is in the kitchen right now, rotating between the table and the little built in writing desk beside her recipe books.

But I do blog and hide out at her desk quite a bit. Not lying about that!
My tests came out, my cardiologist compimented me on getting my numbers better. From the blood test, blockage amounts, and weight!

My week is getting less crowded now that it's about over, I will have a little time to read around.
And the vet people said bring Adi between 8:00 and 11:00 and 1:00 and 4:00 to get the stitches out.
We are about ready to go here at 8:30.
Looks like she's getting around better. Glad she got her stitches out!
It looks like you have a nice place to write your blog there Jim. I hope Adi is on the mend. Bob.

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