Friday, February 22, 2008

Magic Printing Machine -- Jim Bunch Eats

Adi has been homesteading here, but her halo collar now is history (link) and it is time for some Jim Bunch stuff.

[large picture] [super size]

This is the magic machine that types large print. Did you ever know how it was done?

Get you an old typing machine and set it for font size 168. Then use the color tab and set letters to white and background to burnt red.

Use two fingers, one for each side of the keyboard and choose the letter or character you want to print.

Now, here is the tricky part. You can't just push that little button like you do on your lap top. Not the gentle stroking we have become accustomed to. No, you have to strike it rapidly and with some exertion. Briskly
striking might be more understandable.

Here you see the finished product, my student learned well. She needs a reward. What say the Jim Bunch will eat?

[large picture] [super size]

The Jim Bunch. From left to right, Karen, Billy, BP, and Mrs. Jim. I (Jim) was taking the picture. We were having our appetizers, waiting for our Tex Mex order to be prepared.

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Dear Jim,
we've got four veteran typewriters, but none can do the Jim trick.
Our Apple machine on the other hand (left, I presume), is great with all kinds of fonts.

Happy about Adi, good nursing has become her well. Is she a tiny bit spoiled? Nah, too much of a good thing is wonderful. I think Gloria Swanson said that.

Nice family having a good time in the early spring.

Bless you.
From Felisol
I sure need that large print these days.


Jim, so glad that Adi has lost her halo....Tex-Mex? Where are you? I finally got rid of my old typewriter. It was an old IBM Selectric...
Hi Jim ~~Glad to hear that Adi doesn't have to wear the collar any longer. Not half as glad as Adi is, I bet. Glad you enjoyed the story of the Piano Teacher, as I did. The Mom with the gravy ladle was a bit sneaky, but she got her answer.
Take care, Regards, Merle.
Hi Jim, Pleased the Adi has lost her halo, collar. and I see the Jim bunch eats again...
I had an old typewriter like that once, but couldn't use it. It was for left-handed people only.

(Just kidding)
Hi Jim, Its good to see the bunch enjoying themselves. Bob.
Lucy says "Thanks!" to Adi for stopping by her new blog. And she's happy to see that Adi has been liberated from her collar. She, and I, were impressed that you and Adi are a therapy dog team. Lucy also remarked on the fact that she and Adi are the same age.

I visited last year's postings on Ireland - great pics, good info and a not-so-happy ending, with that tumble you took. I hope you healed quickly. The snow globe collection was impressive!

Your typewriter looks eerily familiar. When I began my weekly garden column (ran for 5 years) in 1991, I was typing it on my dad's 1940 era typewriter - a little smaller and more compact than yours, but required considerable strength to pound those keys.

Oh, Lucy says to tell Adi that the 9" of snow we received yesterday was awesome - she spent 20 minutes romping through the unshoveled areas, like a big puppy!... Deb
I'll bet Adi is happy as all get-out now with that off her neck!!

I never had one of those old typewriters like that. I do have a more modern one stored somewhere.

Ah, good to see the family eating together! I'll bet it was yummy!!

Have a wonderful Sunday!!
You sure do blog a lot about food.
That is okay, but I am trying to stay on my diet.
The least you could do is show some lettuce leaves and broccoli.

Happy Weekend, Jim.
Eat well.

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