Thursday, March 27, 2008

Adi Can . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Greet loved ones with joy! As seen on YouTube

Most of you know that Karen is my first (and real) owner, but that I live with my human grandfather, Jim.

Jim took this video just this Easter Sunday when Karen and Billy arrived at our home. I hadn't seen Karen for more than a month, it sure was good to visit with her and Billy again.

See Adi and more at

I didn't know the camera was rolling Sunday, but then I'm not camera shy. Not one bit shy, you can see my candid and posed shots here (link to our "Adi Can" series). Have a look at them, I hope you enjoy the viewing!

I want you to enjoy Jim's video here too. You can even put it on your blog if you wish!

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Ahhh, that Adi is so cute and such a good greeter!!!
Adi - I got a very brief turn at the keyboard, in order to view your video. That was a proper greeting! I see that you're quite a singer, as well. I do this whole song and dance routine at mealtimes and my mom joins in - it's quite a songfest! I am a soprano, although Mom says I sound like a whinnying horse... I get absolutely no respect.

I responded to your comments, over on 'gardenauthor' (or, rather my mom did it for me). She's been too busy ripping apart the bedroom, doing something called 'spring cleaning' and writing a lot! I'm pretty bored and very confused... the furniture's all rearranged! I guess I'll get used to it.

She seems to become unhinged every spring - next thing you know, we'll be out in the gardens for hours and hours. Keep in touch... Lucy
You can tell that Adi is happy to see her human mom by how fast her tail is wagging.....
You sure got excited seeing Karen and billy.loves your video...
I gather that's you Jim having a laugh in the background..
That Adi sure is cute!! Even though we have a Prius, I think she can still tell it is our car pulling in the driveway!!
Thank you guys, This is just me you are seeing. I do get sort of emotional when Karen and Billy come visit.
I love to go spend some time with them too. Billy takes me for more walks than Jim does. Karen doesn't make my treat bites so small as he does either.
But it is nice to be back home with the Jim's. They lead a more relaxed retired life which suites me very well (sleeping, eating, etc).
That is one happy Adi! What a swetie!
What a good girl.
Adi's tail is wagging like crazy!!
She was SOooo happy to see Karen & Billy.
She made Jim chuckle.
What an amazing little beagle - she behaves so politely and doesn't jump (like all of mine :-))
You can't beat a greeting like that.
That video made my day...she is so sweet, that Adi.
Dear Adi,
great video. I think you were stressing your people a bit with your complaining whimper. Your wagging tale gave you away, it wnet like a windshield in rain.
I wonder if yoour grampa is reading Snoopy to you.
There seems to be some likeness in the way you are treated (spoiled).
Well, Snoopy has been my good friends for several decades. Hope ther's a Van Googh and a pool table on their way.
From Felisol

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