Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Award and gift night

I was given a couple of awards recently and it is now past time to send them back out.

There is one thing about awards, you can't just keep them, you are supposed to pass them around. Like the chain letter principle, it may be a big race to see who can populate the world with the creation you designed the fastest. You can post the awards in your side bar if you choose. They may need to be resized.

1. My first award is the "You Make The World A Better Place" presented to me
Merle of Merle's Third Try.

So here is a big thank you, Merle, for giving me this award. Merle's blog, in case you haven't followed my link over there before is designed to cheer the readers up. She truly deserves the "You make the world a better place" award.

Her blog has a short journal entry, then one of those nice feel good stories like we all get in the e-Mail. This is followed by a lot of jokes, she even buys joke books so she won't run out or duplicate herself too often. Each blog ends up with a series of quotes from notable persons.

I love her blonde jokes, I didn't know there were so many.

I am supposed to pass this on now. I truly believe these/you bloggers are making the world a better place, so they/you are my nominations:

U K Bob, As Night Falls. (The Estate Gardner)
Cheyenne, Muse & Amuse
Cliff Morrow's Blog
Doug, Walking Ambrose
Felisol, On The Far Side Of The Sea
Jamie Dawn's Mindless Blather
Janell, One Square Mile
Jerry, Lazy Blogger
Lori, Living for the simple things in life
Lucy, Lucy's Frugal Living
Mrs. Mac, Whatever Happened To...
Poopie, Keeping in the Faith
Ralph, Homespun Headlines
Rachel, Sliding Through Life
Raggedy, It's a Raggedy Life
Seeker, First Hundred
Teach, Work of the Poet
Terry, Canadian Blogger

Or to any of my friends who would like it, please let me know or just get it from here. I did not select my Aussie friends because I think Merle has spread these around over there real good.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

2. My second award is from Teach of Work of the Poet. She made this award after being prompted by a friend to come up with one. Read about it here.

Teach is a creative person, writing and teaching writing. Teach, a college teacher of literature, especially likes teaching and reading poetry and memoirs. Would you believe he also teaches blog writing classes?

The "You Light Up My Life Award." I think the reasoning behind this award is to honor someone filled and radiating with compassion, concern, and good:

"Light gives of itself freely, filling all available space. It does not seek anything in return; it asks not whether you are friend or foe. It gives of itself and is not thereby diminished."

So now I list those people I think deserve this award.

Doug, Walking Ambrose
Jamie Dawn's Mindless Blather
Jan, Jen's Chronicles
Lori, Living for the simple things in life
Merle, Merle's Third Try
Rachel, Sliding Through Life
Terry, Canadian Blogger

Feel free to pass it on but if you do, please tell people that Teach created the award, okay? And please link back to his and my page. Thanks.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

3. "Pay It Forward Challenge."

I will be given my surprise gift by Lucy of Lucy's Frugal Living. See Lucy, I am trying to pass the generosity on from here tonight.

So here's a chance to get your surprise from me, on a surprise date, in the next 365 days.

Here are the rules:

a. ~Leave a comment on my blog that says you want to play. First three folks to comment will get a gift from ME. (If I don't know it already, let me know how I can contact you by comment or e-Mail to jhovendic[at]yahoo[dot]com.)

b. ~Do the same thing on your blog! The first three folks who leave a comment and commit to doing this on their blog, too, will get a surprise from YOU at a surprise time in the next 365 days!

Lucy said this should prove to be fun.....and interesting. And that this is a great way to make new friends too.....let's see what happens.


I am not a big one for awards. You may not be either. But please don't gripe about it to me. I am honoring those who nominated me by following their wishes dutifully.

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I'd like to thank all of the 'little people' out there. And I do mean little people. But of course to me, everyone is little.
Thank you so much for the Award! That was very sweet of you.

Jim ~ Hey buddy... THANKS for the "Making the world a better place" Award! That is very nice and I see that I am the company of some darn nice folks here! THANKS AGAIN! ~ jb///
Thanks for the award Jim! That means a lot to this old blogger :)
Thanks, Jim! Right back atcha!

That pay it forward thing is really getting around but I'm scared to get involved. I have a tendency to drop the ball on those sorts of deals.
wow, that's alot of award giving! I was sent over here because I was told you are a funny guy!!
Wow. Two awards for my resumé. Thanks, Jim!
Jim, thank you for the award! I really love it and am proud to be recognized by you!

You certainly deserved my "You Light Up my Life" award!
Thank you so much Jim!! I didn't think I'd be able to get them onto my sidebar, but I did and it was pretty easy after all!

I did the Paying it Forward one and I have 3 gifts to send sometime within the next year. I'm going to take my time though, so it'll be a big surprise when they do get their gifts!!
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!
You are really in a giving spirit with this post!!
I sent out gifts to the three ladies who won the Pay It Forward contest from my blog. It was fun picking stuff out for them.
I hope you and Mrs. Jim are having a good week!!
Oh... and Adi too!
Thank you, Jim, for the award. It really does mean a lot for someone to honor me that way. 'preciate it.
Dearest Jim,
you are just too kind.
I got an award once before (not from you though!)but I could not get hold of how to pick it up.
After that I decided that awards are not meant for me, (after Al Gore got the Nobel's Peace Price I would not even accept that if against all odds it was offered me).
I'm just not cut out to be an award winning person.
But you thinking of me, made me feel happy and flattered.
From Felisol
Thanks for the award. While I am not big on getting awards they do serve a purpose.
Great post and recognition of your blogging friends.
You are funny to me. I also think you are a great ambassador for Christ.
Hi Jim ~~ Thank you so much for the award and I have it on my sidebar, but will do a proper thank post when I get back after Easter and mention
the rules and Teach. etc. Glad you finally got your award I gave you, too. Thank you so much for your kind words. Take care, and have a wonderful Easter with Mrs.Jim and Adi
Possibley family also? Regards, Merle
Jim, if you want that wallpaper of Central Park just click on the link below the picture and it will take you to the page where the wallpaper is. Right click on the "800x600" link below the picture then click on "set as desktop background" The picture will then be sitting on your desktop.!
Oh Jim, thanks so much.....Now I have to figure how to get it to my blog. My daughter will have to help me. It is always nice to be recognized and it makes a person feel special.

I know that ADI helped vote for me, please pet her in her favorite spot for me.
Thanks Jim, thats very kind of you, I couldn't do it without all my blog pals though. Bob.
Dear Jim...I do thank you so much but I feel so unworthy. I have been neglecting my blog lately because...oh forget it...I am just making excuses! There should always be a little time in my day at least to write a short post and visit my friends like I should be doing. I do try not to forget the special days but I have slipped up so much lately by being late.
But guess what Jim, I remembered Mrs. Mac's little Nathan's birthday and guess what? He is wafting for you to sing Happy Birthday to him because don't forget that Adi, and Amber are friends of Miss Lucy his beloved dawg!!!

Thanks again Adi's Grampa...love Terry
Hi Jim, Thank you so much for this award I feel honoured to recieve it . I will post it after Easter.. Hpoe you had a great St. Pats, Day and wishing You Jim & Mrs Jim and Family a very happy and safe Easter. Jen...

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