Friday, May 30, 2008

5 blogs that make my day -- Everett and Sandra -- If the wife leaves, you can keep the ...

My Aussie friend, Merle of Merle's Third Try, has given me an award ~~ "5 blogs that make my day" Thank you very much Merle.

Besides reading her short journal entry, you can read the funny, new, used and abused, and blonde jokes on her blog. Send her your favorite and she will post it! If I live long enough, I will make a scrap book of all her blonde jokes. She has about all of them on her blog posts.

And now I am too pass it on to "(5) bloggers that make my day."

This is a hard choice, but I will choose Rachel, Jamie Dawn, Terry, Maryt, and Doug. I would choose everyone on my blog list but only five per the rules.

Now per the rules you guys (Midwestern guys are of either sex) are supposed to pass the award along.


Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary, Sandra and Everett!

[large picture] [super sized]

These folks are Mrs. Jim's cousins from Orange, Texas. We were just closing down after Mrs. Jim's family reunion in Louisiana, Sandra and Everett were helping to close down the place. Sandra is a long-time reader of this blog.

Question for you:


What do you think the Mrs. would leave the guys (men again this time) if she were to leave?

You might be surprised by some of the answers these 100 women gave.

[picture courtesy of my favorite day time program, see comment if you can't figure it out]

Guys (men this time), either be nice to your other or hope you get to keep the dog!

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My favorite day time program is The Family Feud.

There are two episodes of it every weekday from noon until 1:00.
That ranks first just before the new The Price Is Right show with Drew Carey.
Hi Jim ~~ Glad you are pleased with the award and have passed it along.
Thank you for the kind words about my blog and blonde jokes. I haven't found any new ones lately.
Glad you enjoyed the story of Meredith and her dog. It's a worry when pets get old; and is one reason I don't have any at the moment.
Take care, Very best wishes, Merle.
Gosh, thanks, Jim.

No one's gettin' my dogs.
Thanks Jim for the award! How sweet you are!

I wouldn't let him keep his tools!! They come in handy!
Thanks a lot Jim That is so nice of you!! Not deserved!

You should know by now that "Deal Or No Deal" is my favourite game show. We taught Amber everything she knows about that show and apparently when it is on, she has the run of the remote! Just count your lucky stars Jimmy that "Family Feud" isn't in the same time slot!!
I liked "Family Feud" when that Anderson guy hosted. He was such a nice kind guy. Sometimes you could see his disappointment whenever any of the families "almost" won and when they did win[ some of them], you could actually see tears in that guys' eye!

If I ever do leave that Bernie, he can have that spoiled cat of his!!
But I guess seeing as I would never leave him ,I have to put up with that cat!

I will take the computer!

Thanks a again Jim.....Love Terry

Happy Anniversary Sandy and Everett!!!
Dear, dear Jim, thank you so much for the award!! I will blog about it very soon - this afternoon I hope - It's great to be regcognized! (((hugs)))
Jim, I posted the award you gave me...come see! :D
Sorry Jim, Rachel is my new best friend.....I like Jeopardy the best!

I saw your "for Sale" sign on the car tonight, nice car! With gas prices as they are, it might take a very special person to buy that car. It looks like you have taken very good care of it. If I hear of someone looking for a car, I will tell them about it.
Hi Jim, Take his car and Dog away
Used to watch Family feud and the Price but there been taken off the Tv , "Wheel of fortune" making a reappearance this week..
the question is what does your husband lose most of the time
So much to say...

First, thanks SO much for the award. You make my day too, and I look forward to meeting you at Blogstock!! I hope you and Mrs. Jim will be there, and Adi too, if that possible.

Happy 20th Anniversary to Sandra & Everett!!!!!
I wish them many more years of wedded bliss!!

I love that Family Feud image! How funny. I'm sure most women would be HAPPY to leave their guys the debts & bills. Lots of women would fight like crazy over the dog though. I'll just choose to keep my guy and not have to fight over how to split all the stuff we've accumulated.

Happy Weekend, Jim!!
I am in a real fix here Jim! It is just so hard to pick out the five blogs that make my day but I am really going to try hard!
I aready asked Felisol if I could omit her and now I am asking you the same because you two are my favourites. What's a person gonna' do?...Love Terry

PS...Now don't you get a swelled head that you are my fovourite either JImmie because Adi has a whole lot to do with your being my favourite!! Ha!!

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