Friday, May 16, 2008

And? A little quiz here

Now answered, read on:

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I could tell you a story here. You probably could too. So, you go first.

UPDATE (answer):

Thanks for trying guys, I know you aren't mind readers.

This is my simple way of fixing my hot dog buns, pictures below

[Click pictures for large size] [the service super sized] [the hot dog super sized]

Lay the hot dog bun down on the cutting board, sliced side up.

With a sharp knife, cut a new opening, pretty well straight downward. Be careful to not reach the bottom of the bun.

Slice sideways from on cut to another. Life out the wedge of bread.

Prepare one (or a half) slice of no fat cheese cut into strips to lay in the newly cut valley in the bun.

Toast the bun, open side down laid ON TOP of the toaster. Before toasting, place the cut out portion(s) standing up in the toaster well to toast them as well.

Quickly lay the cheese into the warm bun slice place.

Place a wiener onto the cheese slices.

Put the hot dog sandwich in the microwave oven, heat for approximately 20 seconds until the cheese begins to melt.

Serve with condiments of your choice. I prefer relish and mustard as the picture shows.

Approximately 310 calories using regular 8 to a pound Oscar Meyer wieners.


You can see, the long pieces are what has been removed from three hot dog buns.

The smaller pieces on the left have been rescued from the toaster.

Now, use these pieces as croutons for soup, salad, or eating. You could also saute them with butter and garlic for a really yummy snack.

At our house Adi eats these as treats as Mrs. Jim and I eat our hot dogs.

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I know, Ray will be wanting a prize for the winner. There probably won't be one.

My story will tell the purpose and history of what you are seeing.

You can tell anything, even fairy tales.

If it is decent, I won't say bad things about yours. [Obscene material will be removed.]
I don't know Jim. It is too late at night for me to be telling tales.
I think I will wait for your story maybe.
It can't be the story about the five loaves and the two fishes because those things beside the bread sure don't look like fish to me!...Good night and give Adi a hug from me!!...Love Terry
The story:

Jim wanted a sandwich but first he tore the edges off the bread. That got laid aside for the making of bread crumbs. After he ate the sandwich he decided to toast the bread for crumbs. Alas, the pieces he put in the toaster being smaller fell down and got burned and he had one dilly of a time getting the burned pieces out. The burned pieces he managed to get out of the toaster are on the left. The others are on the right. He decided it wasn't worth the effort.

The end.
Close Rachel, you might get the cigar!
Is it a sardine and cheese sandwich, he be wanting Rachel"
hey this happened to me just last is the story...i was cooking hamburgers over a fire pit with oak, pine, and redwood as fuel to put some taste into the burgers and that is always how the buns look after the deed
Well, the three larger pieces look like what was left over after you cut the last piece of bread off of the loaf. The smaller two look like they got burnt in the toaster. That's my best guess Jim and I'm sticking to it.
Jim, No class yesterday, I sent out a reminder.... Don was in Dayton for a Ham Fest. There will be a class every week till the end unless something comes up.

Thanks for the suggestions! I would definately wash the panty hose first...
Hey Jim, I see you hang out at many of my favorite blogs, so I thought I'd introduce myself.

Hi, I'm Fred.
Hi Jim,

I like my hot dog with mustard and relish too.

Thank you for dropping by and wishing me a happy B-day. You are welcome to a slice of cake any time.

The hot dog looks yummy!! I'm a fan of hot dogs. I like mine with relish and mustard too, also, as well.

Yes, I can make you a cross or two or three...
Scarecrows??? I'm not so sure about those.
I think Mrs. Jim and you both need crosses, don't you?
Especially ones handcrafted by me! These are not my original design, but I paid for the rights to make them.
Email me with colors that interest you, and I will email photos of some I've made in those colors for you to see and make choices.
I hope Adi enjoys her time away from you and Mrs. Jim. I know she will, but she will be happy to be back with you and eating those crunchy snacks you make for her.
Hi Jim ~~ Your hot-dog looks great and it
probably tasted great too. Must get some
as Ihaven't hadone for ages.
Sorry my joke needed a dictionary to get it and it's not an expression I use. I have some amusing computer jokes for today
Congrats to your Granddaughter graduating
from college. Take care, Regards, Merle.
Oh yummy Jim!!
But what?..No hot peppers!
That reminds me of the foot long hot dogs that Grampa Wells used to buy us kids! They are so good and especially when you toast them!
You say Adi is away for a week. Are you going to save her share or did you gobble it up?
Not nice!!

Have a great weekend!...Love Terry

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