Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Let me tell you about my operation

Jim's Little Blog post # 1002

It all started a few of weeks ago. Jim had given me a bath and was drying my feet.

Then he gave my right paw a big squeeze and talked about a tick! I almost panicked, "A tick! A tick! O my goodness (OMG stands for this in Jim's house)! A tick!"

Mrs. Jim was called, partly because Jim was hurting my paw and partly because he didn't have his glasses on. Mrs. Jim said, no, that wasn't a tick. "TYG! (Thank you goodness) I hate ticks."

It isn't the ticks I hate so badly, it is the pulling of them off. Invariably the head, full of blood, stays in my bod. That means get out the hot matchstick ends to burn them out and to burn them dead.

You see, ticks will live without a body and just work their way further into your skin. Sucking blood as they go.

If it wasn't a tick, then Jim said we would get Dr. Hablinski have a look at it. We went right away that afternoon. Dr. said it wasn't a bug or a boil, but it looked like I had another tumor (link to the last one).

Since it came on so soon after the last one, he wanted to take the tumor off. And while it was going off, I would be asleep and he would like to clean my teeth too. We made an appointment for May 1st.

Along with the appointment was a package of 18 pills, with the directions to take two a day starting five days before my surgery. Jim said they were 250 Clavamox, an antibiotic to stave off infection of my heart. I have a heart murmur of 'two.' (Jim takes Amoxilin before his dental procedures too, he has a 'double heart murmur "of two" scaled.')

. . . . . . . [large picture] [super sized]
I really enjoyed my car ride, but then I saw we were at my vet's office. Now I like Dr. Hablinski a lot, but just a lot of times they mess with my body and I don't like that. I don't like shots either, but there were no shots today (while Jim was there).

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [large picture] [super size]

"They're taking me away, they're taking me away!"

"I think I should get paid for this pose"
"I smell trouble here"

[large picture] [super size]

"It won't hurt, sweet heart
She's a nice lady, she likes puppies
Everybody here likes Adi
You'll be all better real soon
I'll come to get you in just a little bit"

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . [large picture] [super sized]
Now that it was over, our ride home was fine!

But, did they hurt me? It must have hurt because look at my foot and all the stitches they put in. And clean your teeth? Of course that hurts.

Only thing was, I really didn't feel a thing after the needle stuck me. Yes, there was a scary needle and it didn't hurt like it looked. In fact, I was so at ease that I slept a lot.

When I woke up, it was all done. I heard them calling Jim to come get me in about half an hour.

He got right over here. Was I ever glad to see him. They said I ran all over the vet's waiting room and into the first observation room for quite a little while. Then I settle down in time to hear that I would still have to take my antibiotics 'til they were finished, keep the halo on for ten days and AFTER the stitches were removed, and cool it for the rest of the day on half rations. Boy! A poor doggie girl isn't even supposed to eat much after a grueling ordeal like this.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . [large picture] [super sized]

So I lay around this retirement house with Mrs. Jim and Jim. We did go for a go golf cart ride one day to get the mail. I think we will do that again today.

The cyst? Doc's office called this morning and left a message, THEY were all gone. It was an "abnormal benign tumor." That is good news but we will ask but I think some bad because it was a tumor and not an ordinary cyst.

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Best wishes from Willie and Walela, for a speedy recovery and an early removal of that silly satellite dish.
Congratulations on your 1000 and 1001 blog posts Jim!!!

Adi has such a sweet face. I know she hates having that halo thing on. They look like such a pain!!!
Jim, thanks for commenting at my blog. Here's how you get a post to stay at the top of the Blogger blog:
1. Write the post.
2. Save it with today's date so it appears published on your blog.
3. Edit it and change the date to whatever future date you want.
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Glad Adi is okay, JIm!
isn't it wonderful what we do for our dogs and caats''' we have had jasper bell in twice for injuries in cat fights...and once for the procedure. we have had sandy our 12 year old dog in for cataracts, low iron, cancer, heart palputations...ear problems and twice when she ingested chocolate
Dear Adi,
you're looking great no matter how ill you have been. I like the idea of you roaming around in a golf cart.
Guess you're collecting a fair amount of attraction.
Met your "cousin" while out hiking the other day. I did so want to go and say hello, I know your Texan relative.
Hope the rest of your recreation are going as wanted and that this stiff, white collar can be removed soon,
Bestest from Felisol
Poor Adi! I am glad the tumor is benign, but I am sad for Adi that she had to endure the trauma of it all.

Adi looks very sad in that photo. Her eyes look VERY sad indeed.
I need a question from YOU, Jim.
Surely you have one.
Poor Adi, two tumors in a years period.....I hope this is the last one for her.....Take care of her.

No rolling in the grass on the golf course, Miss Adi.
I'm so glad everything turned out A-OK! Good story, told well and cute pictures = great post. Thanks for stopping by Spatter...
Glad everything turned out okay.
For a "guy" ... your sidebar "what flower are you" ... it might be just a little better to be a violet than a pansey, eh (lol) ... I only have a minute and need an hour here to do some catching up ... will try to get back later after my shopping excursion. glad adi is recovering.

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