Thursday, May 01, 2008

"Nothing by mouth to eat or drink after midnight" [two of us]

UPDATE: Adi is home and resting. She was so glad to see me when I came to 'rescue' her, she ran all around the vet's office--on her leash--barking and yelping. She was very hungry when she got home. I probably didn't help her enough there, they have her on half meals until tomorrow to help her throat rest.

[large picture] Please note the doggie halo collar again. [super sized]

[Adi's large picture] [Adi's super sized] [Jim's large picture] [Jim's super sized]

Adi goes under the anesthetic, knife, and scraper. We go in at 9:00 to Dr. Hablinski at the Willis Animal Clinic.

She will have another cyst removed (link to previous surgery) from her right front paw topside. While she is under Dr. Hablinski will clean her teeth. She has had her teeth cleaned once before, also under anesthetic.

Of course she had to be squeaky clean. She tolerates her bath but really gets frisky after.


I will be on a liquid diet today as Friday (5-2-2008) I will go in to St. Lukes at the Woodlands at 9:00 for a colonoscopy.

Both of us can have our meds, Friday until I get back home it is nothing by mouth except for my blood pressure pill and a sip of water.

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Oh you poor thing getting to have a colonoscopy. Good luck with that. The prep is most of the pain!!

Loved the Adi video! After I give my dog a bath I then use a towel and the blow dryer until he's almost dry. Then I tell him we are done and he charges around the house at 90 mph!! I think they all get frisky after a bath!!

Hope you both have a good Friday Jim and that all goes well.
I liked seeing Adi charge out onto the grass and play and frolic. When she came back to the patio, her tail was going super fast! She seemed happy to be clean.

So, both you and Adi are having medical procedures.
I had a colonoscopy last year. I was 43 years old which is younger than usual for having one, but I had some problems and went to see my doc, and he scheduled one for me. I'm glad he did, because I had two polyps removed.

My advice to you: do not stray far from the toilet.

I hope Adi heals quickly, and I hope all goes well with your procedure.
Don't go to bed tonight until you're SURE you are finished...
Hope your dog will be fine. Thanks for visiting my blog. I got two healthy labs that never been to the vet but I am sure they will when they get older. Dan (son of the putz)
Good luck to both of you. Loved the video.
1. The table set below makes me embarassed for the way you were treated whilst here in Nebraska. Our table has never looked like that. It won't in July either.
2. Good luck with the procedure. Have you ever wondered what would make a Dr decide to take that up as a specialty?
3. I buy all of my own clothes. Don't trust anyone else. I'm a bit picky there.
I'm glad that Miss Adi got a nice bath. Like most all dogs, she goes and rolls in the grass after the bath.....I hope her procedute goes well.

Yes, I had the colon "thingy" several years back and the hardest part is drinking all that aweful stuff they give you to clean you out.....Good Luck!

Your dining room table looks very classy....Sounds like the dinner was just as good.

I saw Charles tonight and he said he tried to stop buy this evening, on the way to class, but you weren't home. You were either sleeping or out to dinner.

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