Tuesday, June 17, 2008

June Bug . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Yes, it's June, 2008, bug

At our house, the only good June bug is a dead June bug.

[large picture] [super size]

These brown June bugs fly around at night and are attracted to the lights. Especially in the spring here in Texas they are very prevalent.

This one was found the morning after, on March 31, 2008, laying dead on our back porch. Texas June bugs come earlier than in most places. Most places they come in June, hence their name.

The evening before we could hear just a whole lot of them running into the windows, attracted by the lights inside our house.

One last thing, Texas June bugs are about an inch long, a lot of places they don't get nearly that long.

Link: Jim's other June bugs (June Bug Collection)


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In case you don't like bugs, here is a picture of Amber taking her catnap.

[large picture] [super size]

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which is cuter the dead june bug or reclining cat??
June bugs are just too heavy and hard. I don't have a problem with bugs per se, but they shouldn't make you feel like you erred on a play from short.
I think I have a june bug invasion here at my home. Every season we are bombarded with them! Yuck!
Someone told me they lay larvae underground, for some reason they love it here.

Hope all is well neighbor!
What? No ruler next to Amber?
Ha!!! You had better get your grand -daughter up Grampa Jim. "
Deal Or No Deal" will be on at 8:00 and you know how she loves that programme!

We haven't had June bugs for years here in Welland. We used to have big ones, but I think all the junk that people are putting in their lawns have killed off not only the bugs but also some of the birds, Robins in particular.
The government is trying to ban those pesticides.
What's this we hear about Texas getting a lot of raspberry ants Jim?

Anyway the real reason I came up here is to see if you have made any chilli yet and if you had, maybe you could just give me the recipe, eh?
I will close now because you have two things to do for me. Give Adi a hug and wake that kitty up for her programme.....Love Terry
Howdy Jim, Mrs. Jim

we don't get june bug until july, I think they should call them july bugs ;)
Amber is so cute!

We have lots of those bugs at night around the outside light. I don't think they are an inch though. Gee..now I'll have to measure one to see! ThanksalotJim!!
Dear Jim,
how I do not love bugs. They are invaders of private territory and one simply cannot talk sense with them.
We don't see many around the houses, but in the woods there are some nasty, bloodsucking fellows brought by the deers. I was bitten by three some weeks ago and had to go antibiotics to avoid Lyme borreliose(Latin for the following illness I cannot find in Webster.)

Well, now I guess we all know why you need this little pocket on your golfshirts.
Revealing picture when you were celebrating your brother-iin-laws anniversary.
How much can a man get in his chest pocket??

For next father's day, you might wish for a purse?

I tried to mail a question at Dr. Jim's. Guess what; it was the National data klutz's day as well.
I simply cannot get through to the wise Doc.

I got two cakes, though, even without asking.
My friend Liv volunteered with a tasteful Daijm cake and my friend Turid brought a marzipan/cream/strawberry cake.
Huge success.
Moral: It's ok to be a klutz if surrounded by clever and emphatic friends.

From Felisol
Putz, the cat is definitely cuter.

Doug, those bugs are sort of a pesk.

Tam, neighbor, all is well here. Hectic and busy, but well. Thank you.

Fred, Amber is standard length for a cat, 24 paws.

Terry, I will look for the chilli recipe. I may have it posted. Amber is at Karen and Billy's now, they watch the 'Deal or ...' with Amber. Hope you get to feeling better real soon.

Hi JEL, the further north the later they invade.

Rachel, I think your June bugs are green?

Felisol, find Lyme borreliose here:
I'm glad you got some cakes. Watch out next year for the Klutz Day.
A lady told me I should have a 'Man Bag' until men started carrying purses a whole lot.
I have two cats and only one lays around like that. The male. He's neutered. The little lady, of course, has some pride. She would never think of doing that.
Those bugs look like something I don't ever want to meet. I hate creepy crawlers. I don't think we have those this far north.
Hi Jim, you cab keep your June bug but I will have some of the Cumberland trail - thanks for the link. What you say about sending food on ahead is something I've heard people here arrange, I've carried two weeks worth of food before but I think any more than that and you would have to sent it ahead. I once read where one guy would work out his route and then one weekend drive the length of it and bury his food in a tin to be picked up along the way. There is a company, probably several in fact that will arrange all your accommodation and then transport your baggage from one stay to the next so all you have to do it walk. I have never really looked in to this form of traveling as I expect it wouldn't be cheap but if you could afford it I think it would be a nice way to go walking. If you're ever in the area and fancy a little walk some time then I don't mind either showing you the way or pointing you in the right direction. I think for a first time trail walk in this country the Coast To Coast path is a nice one to do as you get a really good cross section of England and the one I would recommend to you or anyone else to try. The Pennine Way is good but its pretty much the same sort of country all the way. Bob.
Dear Jim,
I found the Latin name of flaatt; Ixodes ricinus on your google address.
Funny though that I could not find it in ordinary dictionaries.
Canada had a lot of these wood bugs, I learned from Wikipedia.
Then I fear Terry may have been bitten as often as I have. They are nasty little buggers, spreading diseases. I therefore am pro deer hunting.
Too mild winters and too few shooting permissions have resulted in a deer invading of domestic areas.
They are beautiful animals, a wonder actually, but when the biologic balance gets disturbed, it all ends out wrong.
Thank you for leading me into trustworthy google waters, Jim.
Have a nice Texan golfing day.
From Felisol
hi Jim. Hahaha, I agree A good bugs a dead bug.
Amber looks so relaxed stretched out on the carpet.....
Everything is bigger in Texas ... we don't have June bugs ... hope you had a great father's day ...
Hi Jim ~~ Don't like bugs a lot, but I don't know that we have that one.
It would probably be in December???
Thanks for the comments ~~ I think Lemon Curd is the same as Lemon Butter, or very similar. I had a crumpet tonight with it on and it was yummy. Take care, Best Wishes, Merle.
Amber is way cuter than the Junebug. And I have to agree with Doug - they shouldn't sound like an err or that their arrival should have been preceded by "FORE!"
I swept a big, dead bug off our porch today. It may have been a June bug. Hitonious!!
We've got some very big, hideous, flying insects here in AR. I am not a fan of any of them.
Amber sure looks soft. Pretty cat.
It looks like our run of june bugs is finally over. Man they were big and bad this year.
I'm caught up. I see you've been eating out again.

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