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Tagged: "Getting to Know you Meme" from Jim

My friend MaryT tagged me for this meme. I'm delighted to do it! Thanks MaryT! [Note: since I am a chronic procrastinator and rank 3.5 on Jamie D's analyzer scale (means I don't finish things) this one is late and not finished. But I had to get it posted or it might get lost forever.]

One thing that worries me a little is that Mary will forgive my punctuation. This is a nightmare and if it were an English paper there would be more red from the teacher than I would have in blue ink. [I rally am not bothered that the picture appears to be a lady thing, I can write this meme if I'm tagged to do it.]

The Rules:

1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
3. At the end of the post,the player then tags 5 or more people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they've been tagged and asking them to read your blog.
4. Let the person who tagged you know when you've posted your answers.


The theme is "Getting to Know You." You were probably better off NOT knowing me, but a deal's a deal, so, here goes...


1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
Let's see. That was 1997. Mrs. Jim and I were making plans for retirement. We were looking for a place out of the Houston area, yet close by, and fairly safe from those nasty hurricanes.

2. What are Five Things on my To-Do List for today:
a. Keep on cleaning up my messes.
b. Monitor the work of the painters who just finished power washing all the green and black stuff today. The outside of our house, including the balcony overlooking the golf course and the front door refinishing are on these guys' list. They painted a lot of the inside a couple of years ago.

c. Do some blog writing and reading. Touching up on this blog and writing a post for Ask Dr. Jim (blog) are on the list.
d. Go for a walk with Adi (finished the walk, click on the pictures for larger view). Adi also gets a bath.
e. Take a nap after the painters leave. I have to schedule these naps or I might just go to sleep in place.

3. Snacks I Enjoy:
Fat free saltines and peanut butter, cheese and crackers, chocolate candy, ice cream, and fruit are on my snack list.

4. Things I would do if I were a Billionaire:
I already am a billionaire. If I had several billion I would give more $$$$ away to those in need. I would buy hundreds of Big Kids Happy Meals for MacDonalds and pass them out to those who live under the bridges and in the tree settlements and give at least one to every person I see who was holding up a "Work for food" sign.
One other thing I would do is to spruce up my wardrobe. I would buy two golf shirts alike every time I get new ones. I would take them to a tailor with orders to cut a nice looking pocket out of one and sew it onto the other. I just don't like those shirts without pockets. The ladies say I could carry a man's bag. I don't think so.
In the wardrobe area, I would also buy some more socks. Black ones, navy blue ones, and white anklets for summer. I buy them by the dozen at Sam's but mine are getting pretty bad off.
I might even get some new shorts as most of mine have holes other than the leg holes. I get them by the dozen also. Mom said never wear underwear with holes out in public as there might be an accident and we wouldn't want the hospital people to think we wore holy underwear.

5. Three Of My Bad Habits:
I just don't have any of those. Mrs. Jim can't even think of any. We all know I am an exceptional man in this regard.

6. Five Places I have Lived:
a. Nebraska -- birth until drafted into the Army;
b. El Paso Texas -- in the Army and a couple of months afterwards;
c. Manchester, New Hampshire -- I was working as a Philco Tech Rep Field Engineer at the Air Force spy satellite tracking station;;
d. The Houston, Texas area -- my work drew me there; and
e. Montgomery, Texas (RFD) -- our retirement home.

7. Jobs I Have Had:
a. detasselling seed corn at Tekamah, Nebraska
b. building the new paved road between Craig and Tekamah. I was on the form gang with two other hard working fellows. These two co-workers were American Indians.
c. at the Miller and Paine department store while attending the University of Nebraska. I worked mostly in the rug department but did working either their candy factory and/or in the China department at Christmas time
d. Elgin National Watch factory in Lincoln, Nebraska after I dropped out of the University of Nebraska. Jobs there, from first till I got drafted into the Army, were a degreaser machine operator, a set-up man for an assembly line of 16 women operators, a drill operator drilling two holes in watch parts (I would have been laid off if I had not bumped a lady who was doing that job), and an automatic screw machine operator. The last was more of a man's job, the drilling job was a woman's job if there ever was one.
e. parking cars at a car park garage in Lincoln part time while also working at the watch factory.
f. stuffing the funnies and ad inserts into the Lincoln Journal on Saturday nights while also working at the factory.
g. the U.S. Army for five years. Jobs were teaching at the Clerk Typist school at Fort Bliss, Texas, a personnel records clerk at Headquarters (Fort Bliss), a NIKE Fire Control Systems (radars and computers) Maintenance Technician.
h. then as a civilian, a Philco Tech Rep, teaching at the forenamed school, working as a telemetry technician at the tracking station in New Hampshire for three years [operating and maintaining telemetry ground stations and teaching airmen to take over the tracking station equipment]
i.working at the Houston Johnson Manned Space Center in the control center for 14 years[my best like job of many was in Flight Control, teaching astronauts and flight controllers, then operating from a control console during the space mission times]
j. Jacinto College as a professor of business for 22 years.
k. I am a licensed attorney but do not do legal work for contract ($$$), only some pro bono work for those strapped for money.
l. [I went back to college when I got to the Houston area. I had dropped out for eleven years, then upon returning it took me eleven years of night school before I had had enough as a college student. I liked the atmosphere with all the exciting young people though so teaching at the college was pleasant. Every now and then I will run into a former student.]

8. Five People I Want To Know More About:I Am Tagging:
I am tagging anyone who wants to be tagged. You will have to write this wonderful meme, it was fun. I have another in the works. This one is a volunteer job like this one will be for you.
Please, pretty please!

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Jim, check out Bonnie's blog right here:

and Here:

You have worked at a lot of places....Boy, you get around. Nice things to know. You didn't mention how you got into ham radio, how did that happen?
Hi Lucy -- You have to be really proud of that Bonnie. I knew she was there for a bit, you had us go one other time.

Our company, Philco, Philco-Ford, and Ford Aerospace put those consoles in. It was on one of those consoles in a back room that I monitored the electrical and environmental systems as a flight controller.

I got interested in ham radio in college but didn't get started until I was in the Army studying electronics.
Well, Jim, it was certainly worth waiting for!! I love learning more about you! You know my husband hates shirts without pockets too! You get a great big A+ for a job well done! :D
Now, Mary (i.e. wait a minute). I gave no grade whatsoever for 'seat time.' But I did take attendance and would drop those who weren't coming 'enough.' I also hoped enough was learned everyday to make attendance worth while.

I sure am glad you didn't say you gave me an A+ but rather that I got one which still isn't quite the same as deserving it.

Thanks for putting me up to this at any rate, compiling it was fun.
Now I see why we get along. Detasseling corn is in our blood. By the way, have you seen the new machines they have for doing it? Once a lowly tassel-plucker, I went on to become an expert detasseling machine driver. When the Lone Tree Northrup King got in their new optical-guided wheel detasselers I was the test-pilot. I like to think of myself as the John Glenn of that particular technology.
Doug, Yikes! It's sure hard to keep up with technology, you did it up right. You would be a natural for this meme.
I think you've worked in more places than I have. I didn't think that was possible.

I visited Manchester, NH many years ago to visit my uncle. If not for the harsh winter (to me, anyway) I'd probably be living there right now.

I know what you mean about those pesky hurricanes. Tampa hasn't had a direct hit wince the 1920s and we're hoping to keep that streak alive for many more years.
Yeah, Fred, and I left of a few of my jobs. Most weren't very interesting or very long and it would have just filled up the page even more.

I like New Hampshire but I had all my airmen trained to take over my job so I had to go on. I even got a lay-off notice but it was recsinded. As usual, the right hand didn't know what the left hand was doing. Four of us had to make some BIG WAVES to get that done.
have you checked the book of the president that is in the library of congres y414, it is under a combination and is only available to presidents, and it records the june 5, 1908 meeting
I enjoyed reading your meme. I detassled corn in Tekamah, too. And sorted, too, for Dekalb.
Aw Shucks Mr. Jim....I got tagged last week for the same meme and I guess I had better get at it and plus what YOU want me to do!
Gee have such along list in your meme maybe you could just share it with me and I could just copy and paste a few of them babies!
Naw...I guess not...See ya' later....Love Terry
Now that was real interesting Jim!! You have lead an exciting life with some nice jobs! Mine would be BORING compared to yours!!

Detasseling corn sounds hard!! If you put an ear in the microwave with the husk on and heat it for 3-4 minutes the tassels all come off with the husk, clean as a whistle! Of course that would take a long time doing one ear at a time...especially if you got paid by the ears you did!!!
Hi Jim ~~ Great answers to the Meme
and now we know even more about you.
I do not like doing memes and avoid them. I realize you were not a Mom, BUT with twins, I guess you nearly qualified. At least you shared the joys ? of baby children with Mrs. Jim. Good on you for that. That is
probably why she kept you!!!Take care Cheers, Merle.
This was very interesting, Jim.
No bad habits, huh? That's dandy!!!
I'm glad you included chocolate as one of your snacks. Chocolate is a heavenly food.
I love those photos of Adi. Of course, I always love photos of Adi. Adi is the bestest doggie!! She will always belong to all of us at Blog Church and to your blog buddies. Of course, she belongs mostly to you, but you share her with us.

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