Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Today is National German Chocolate Cake Day, have you had yours yet?

Got different tastes? Wait until tomorrow for the GOOD STUFF! In case that cake doesn't suit you, tomorrow, June 12, 2008, will be National Peanut Butter Cookie Day.
per MPI, Meeting Professionals International (
link for other days too! Find your favorites)

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And in case neither of these fit your appetite or schedule, here is the rest of June: (same source)
12-Jun National Peanut Butter Cookie Day
13-Jun Kitchen Klutzes of America Day
14-Jun National Strawberry Shortcake Day
15-Jun National Lobster Day
16-Jun National Fudge Day
17-Jun Eat All Your Veggies Day
17-Jun National Apple Streudel Day
18-Jun National Cherry Tart Day
18-Jun International Picnic Day
19-Jun National Dry Martini Day
20-Jun National Vanilla Milkshake Day
21-Jun National Peaches and Cream Day
22-Jun National Chocolate Eclair Day
22-Jun National Onion Rings Day
23-Jun National Pecan Sandy Day
24-Jun National Pralines Day
25-Jun National Strawberry Parfait Day
25-Jun National Catfish Day
26-Jun National Chocolate Pudding Day
27-Jun National Indian Pudding Day
27-Jun National Orange Blossom Day
28-Jun National Tapioca Day
29-Jun National Almond Butter Crunch Day
30-Jun National Ice Cream Soda Day

Usually they put that coconut icing on the top of german choc. cake and I don't like coconut, but the cake sounds great with some other icing!

You better forget about Willie Nelson and get yourself to Blogstock, you hear??? I'd sure like to meet you and Mrs. Jim! How can you miss a chance to see the Rev. JD, and everyone else?
PULEEZEEEEEEE come!!!! See, now you made me beg. Gee whiz!!!!
I'm looking forward Martini day June 19th.

You're not coming to BLOGSTOCK?!?! What's up with that?!?!?!
Is it okay if I have both today?
The truth is that I LOVE peanut butter almost as much as I love chocolate.
I sneak a spoonful of creamy peanut butter every, single day... and sometime two spoonfuls.
Fudge on Jun 16th?! - YES!!!!
Your list is KILLING me!!!!!
I'm 0-2. I don't eat chocolate and have never liked peanut butter.

I'm glad you posted the others, though. I can see a few worth waiting for.
can i believe you on dates???/what is your source???? did you get these all from winikepedia encyclopedia???
Nice to see the menu!

Haven't been here in a while.

Good to catch up on your posts.

Hey Jim,

Thanks for your comment at our blog. We took over 600 pix on our trip. We're just a little slow posting more.

I got "retired" in 1994 at the ripe old age of 50. I had worked for CONOCO for 15 years and didn't survive that last downsize. After that, I did some web page design for a couple years, but quit when they got too cheap to be worth the effort.

Oh nooooooooooooooooo...head for the hills...I'm on a diet.
Dear Jim,
today izzzz Friday 13th.
Tomorrow we will be 13 people gathered round our table for shrimps,lemon, bread, sour cream/shrimp salad, wine, veggie salad, snacks, frozen strawberries, ice cake and so on, but no cake so far for the cognac.
I could need a good and easy recipe for a chocolate cake à la Snickers, my favorite chocolate.
Got any ideas??
From Felisol
Felisol -- Mrs. Jim left for golfing about 30 minutes ago. She may have had a recipe.

I did what Dr. Jim of Ask Dr. Jim (blog) would do, I Googled snickers cake recipe and got this. Some sounded pretty good, why don't you look at them an 'just pick one.',GGLG:2006-21,GGLG:en&q=snickers+cake+recipe

Please beware, I see that today, Friday the 13th (June) is Kitchen Klutzes of America Day. I wouldn't dare try making that cake today here in Texas, it may be OK to do it where you live.
I hope this helps, Dr. Jim
Hi Jim ~~ Who thinks up all these "days". If I had a choice it would be Fudge Day.
Thanks for your comments and I sure had a great day out. And no I didn't cheat on the fruit as we are trying to keep Fruit fly etc out of Victoria. Sorry
you got kicked by a horse.
Take care, Regards, Merle.
Dear Jim,
Can you believe, that google adress did not work from Norway.
Something like this came up:
Business solution. Go to google Norway.
Can you believe.
Chocolate cake are under google censorship!!
I knew google had made a censorship deal with China. But good ol' USfaithful Norway, Nato member since -49.
We don't deserve this.
I waaant my cake recipe!
Well, I guess I can always buy one at the nearest bakery.
It's somehow not the same.
Somethings in life has to be homemade.
Like Friends and cakes.
Yours Felisol

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