Thursday, July 17, 2008

Adi Can . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Have sweet dreams after her ordeal at the doctor's (vet)

Update: Adi is home from her vet. She has eaten and is doing well. And now, I might say, she is having a little nap.

[large picture] [super sized]

If I knew what she is dreaming about I could interpret them for her.
Read the first comment to see what all transpired at the Vet's.

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Per my bill:
Office Visit
Exam With Annual Vaccines
DHP Vaccination Annual
Parvo Virus Annual
Heartworm Test Occult
Fecal Flotation With Vax
Bordetella Vacc
Senior Profile
Dispensed: Sentinel 26-50 # Yellow Heart Worm pills
Nail cutting (not on the bill)

Adi got a few treats from the staff when she was finished.
And a couple more when she got back in the car.

All were concerned that she was gaining weight, she really wasn't.
The scale read 30.7 pounds, I do try to keep her at an ideal 27 or 28 but that is really hard. Adi's middle name is FOOD.
Willie's 40. If God meant beagles to stay slim he wouldn't have given them floppy ears and big, sad eyes.
Hi Jim ~~ Glad the vet visit is over for Adi for awhile as it sounds like quite an ordeal. Thanks for your visit to my blog and comments about Olive and the jokes. If you try Olive's blog again, it should open as it is still there and will be for some time. Connie was most generous. My son and d-i-l just arrived. Take
care, Regards, Merle
She really had a good checkup! Our dog is 20 lbs. and his middle name is also "Food!"
Just catching up with you, Jim (it took a while since I was so far behind!).

Hang in there, buddy.
Hi Jim. Thanks for the visit.

No,Jeremiah isn't moving out for now.

They granted him U.S. citizenship and then changed their minds a couple months later. Apparently he has to wait five years before applying again.

Things are rough in other areas as well.

Thanks again.
Dang, my beagle is skinny compared to yours. Polly is a ball of jump; she burns off all her food.

Thanks for your comment. We went to see Jars of Clay. Sonshine is a huge free outdoor Christian musical festival in its 27th year, and this year they had a free Wed night concert. It's a 45 minute drive for us, so I packed up my brood and a couple OPK (other ppl's kids) and headed over.
Good news that Adi came through her vet visit with flying colors. I think I would have to rest up too after all that she went through.
Gday Jim, Adi can awwww she looks tuckered out after her visit to the vet.
I took Penny to Vet for check She weighs 1.4kilo's=3lbs.iand she had 2 needles and now im $90 poorer..
That's MY middle name too! Well, besides Dawn.

Adi got a lot done. She needed that nap.

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