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How about driving 900 miles to meet someone you have befriended on the Internet?

That's what thirteen of us blog writers did for a July 4th weekend good old fashion Blogstock '08 (remember going to Woodstock way back when you were a hippie type?).

[large picture] [super size]

Here we have your favorite blog writers standing by our 4th of July parade float. If you had a crush on one, take a good look using
super size to make sure you are still in love!

From left to right (click a blog title link to view that blog):
Janell of
One Square Mile
Cliff of Cliff Morrow's Blog
Ralph of Homespun Headlines
Desiree of Believe,Live Well,Laugh Often & Love Much

LZ Blogger (a.k.a. Jerry) of LAZY Blogger
Jerry of Back Home Again
Rachel of Sliding through life
Jamie Dawn of Jamie Dawn's Mindless Blather
Nora of chez pez
Jim of JIM'S LITTLE BLOG, JIM'S LITTLE PHOTO PLACE (has Wordless Wednesday posts), and Ask Dr. Jim (blog)

Not in the picture:
Driving the float, Dan of
Dan's Everyday Observations
Coming in the afternoon
John of
The Changelog
Terrah of Forest of the Plains

After the parade we all split. Most went for lunch at the Silver Creek Winery and B&B north of Tekamah.

Mrs. Jim and I had Jaycee BBQ at the park with our cousins, Jack and Linda, and Jean and Dwain. We don't get to see them very often so this was great. Then we visited cousin John who also lives in Tekamah, but didn't make it to the park for BBQ. We had some really nice visits and decided all of us cousins needed a cousin reunion.

That evening we went to Cliff Morrow's farm for hamburgers and hot dogs. Cliff is an excellent cook. And he does it at a drop of the hat, just call or come. He should be a Southerner, with all his hospitality, he would fit right in.

There were fireworks in the Tekamah ball park that evening but most of us just relaxed and chatted at the farm. Those who went said they were great fireworks.

The next day we all showed up again for brunch cooked of course by Cliff. We had sausage, pancakes, and eggs. IHOP holds no comparison to Cliff's breakfasts!

[Remember, click on any picture on my blog for a large size view]

I went for a horseback ride in the cornfield in the afternoon on Julie's horse, Major. He is a nice horse who needs to be ridden some more.

Several of the neighbors who read Cliff's blog also showed up. Some have a Blogger ID so they can leave comments. The day will come when they too will try the blog writing thing. A lot of us got our starts with that Blogger ID, I did.

Supper was Cliff's famous barbecued chicken. It was really good. He made just the right amount, not a quarter of chicken was left.

Marilyn made us some nice cobblers outside, cowboy style, in iron pots covered with hot charcoal. The last picture is of Jerry blowing out the candle of his birthday cake. I don't think anyone asked him how old he was, but of course all 72 candles from one box were too many.

In between there was a lot of side dishes made by bloggers and those coming to meet and mingle with us. Please have a little sympathy with me as I couldn't eat corn on the cob or the chocolate cobbler with pecans per my colonoscopy doctor.

Shown also is Cliff's outdoor kitchen, minus cookers which were beside the house, minus the food on the table, but does include the outdoor refrigerator standing tall there in the backyard. That reminds me of a redneck joke that I can't remember how it goes.

And here is Ralph and the birthday boy, Jerry, having a serious conversation.

After supper we had a show and tell about our blogs. That was interesting for all to see how we all had started blogging, what we are writing about, our purpose for blogging, and anything else pertinent or we cared to ramble on about. Then it was time for goodbyes.

Will we do it again? Ask Cliff. That would be nice, but by next year I suppose gasoline will be about $6.00 a gallon if it goes up like this year. But like the movie, Field of Dreams, have it and they will come.

Cousin Bud in Colorado got a visit after we left Sunday morning for a fourth visit with an a first cousin of mine. I have three others but we couldn't see them on this trip.

Tonight we are staying in Dillon, Colorado, where it was 45°F when we got out of the car and went into our motel. Tomorrow night for a bit we will be staying at Telluride, Colorado.

Adi, eat your heart out. I miss you (she is staying with Karen and Billy) and will be coming home very soon. Cliff's cat is named Luke, I forgot the dog's. Both of those critters took a liking to me. [Does this remind you of the Nursery Rhyme, Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat (she went to London and all she could see was a little mouse under the queen's chair.)?]

And no, we didn't get one pictures of my first cousins! I'm sorry too.

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John Gorzen has a nice Blogstock 08 post up tonight also with a very good rundown and a lot of cute pictures.
Hi Jim ~~ I was going to ask what Blogstock was. Thank you for the very informative post and all the pictures. I am so glad you all had such a great time together. Hadn't realized Jerry had a birthday, I like to say Happy B'day to our blogger friends. I may have a few visitors but you get around and see so many friends and family. Cliff did a great job cooking.I hope you and Mrs Jim enjoy Colorada. That golf joke got me into strife with one reader. Take care and stay safe. Regards, Merle.
Hi Jim, Great pics of your Outing and sounds like a lot of fun was had at the Blogstock meeting.
I will so be there next year. The plant can burn for all I care...
Great post Jim. It was so nice meeting you and Mrs Jim.

Have fun in Denver !

See you next Blogstock.
Nice photos -- thanks for posting them. It was indeed a great time.
Jim - Hey buddy... you are one fast blog poster! I have not even gotten through all of the pictures I took yet!. I'd do it again! It was really a nice time with some very nice people! It sure was great to get to finally meet both you and Mrs. Jim. I am sorry that we could only stay there for the 4th of July, but our insurance adjuster was coming to assess our storm damage from Waco, Texas. So we had to be home for that. What a mess our place is now... but it can all be fixed! It is just a hassle to try and work around getting it all done! I wish they would do that for you TOO, but all they do is send you a check. (But I guess) that is better than NOT sending you a check! ~ jb///
Hi Jim,

Wow!! Really looks like you all had a good time- and lots of good food! I wish I could have made it!

I love seeing you all together! :)

Great post and photos, although I'm not sure that I needed to "supersize" the one of my behind on the horse.
It was great meeting you and Mrs. Jim!
Jim - the pictures are great! I'm a regular reader of four bloggers in the shot so it was great to see everyone in one place.

I suspect you all had a great time. Thanks for the terrific recap.
Jim, what a wonderful trip! Must have been s o much fun! :)
Gee, Jim ... does every event you go to involve a feedbag? (lol) ... mighty good looking vittles there. Nine hundred miles is a very long drive ... but then you are retired. I went to a blogfest last winter through a local spokane newspaper. It was much like visiting with Alice in Wonderland ... not too many real names ... and everyone put down their political and religious opinions for a few hours ... but by the next day ... the gloves came off.
Great post here Jim. It was a pleasure to see you and Mrs Jim again. Hurry back.
Jim, thanks for a good report and all the wonderful pictures....It looks like everyone had a wonderful time.
PS: Jim, that iron pot with the cobble in it is called a Dutch oven and cobblers are wonderful cooked in a big dutch oven.......My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Can you gain weight from just thinking about cobbler?
Great post and pictures. It was great to meet you and Mrs Jim. Thanks for making the trip.
It's so great that you and the others got together for Blogstock 08. What a great idea. It looks like it was a lot of fun.
It looks like all of you had so much fun and I'm green with envy that I didn't attend. You took some great pictures and I'm eager to getting around and seeing everyone's pictures of Blogstock.

Blogstock '08 looks so fun! I would love to replicate it in Singapore. Want to fly thousands of mile to meet me? hahaha....

I'll look for you when I go to the States sometime.... soon.
More good stuff here...
The food was YUMMY!! I agree with you on that, and Cliff is a very good cook!
A very good report on what was obviously a resounding success Jim.
Well here I am!
I am going to have to spend at least an hour with you Mr. Jim, trying to get caught up!

First of all in this picture there are only ten of you. Now one is taking the picture but what about the other two? Were they camera shy and that nice looking guy at the end, well I had better not zoom in on him because then he might not be as nice looking as I thought!

That sure is a nice fourth of July float. I hope you feel real guilty that Adi was being neglected this fourth of July!
Poor babe!

Oh! There is the explanation of the three missing...the Float driver, and the two Johnny come latelys, John and Terrah!

Nice that you got to see all of your relatives Jim and that you stuffed yourself with all of that good food!

Now the next bunch of pictures is what makes my heart race as I see all of the fun and companionship that you and Mrs. Jim had with all of those nice bloggers.
Bloggers that for so long had just been invisible friends!
Oh this is such a good idea that you guys had to all meet.
The only thing is that it is so hard to say good bye after all of this.
I think that I would have been bawling my head off!

I think one of these fine Fridays, I will have to swipe that picture of "Tex" riding that horse and put it on my blog.

Now that is way too cruel telling Adi to eat her heart out. Even though these animals are cute they can't hold a candle to my niece, Adi!!
For shame!!

Well on to the next post!...Love Terry
Definitely a good time had by all, Jim, and a wonderful way to celebrate 4th July. :)

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