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Last night (July 1st) we stayed in Salina, Kansas. Today (July 2) we visited the Dwight D. Eisenhower Library, got gas and ate at Abilene, and then drove on to Blair Nebraska.

This post has some things that I liked about Kansas with our brief visit this time.

Of course the first is this beautiful gain elevator at Concordia. Kansas agriculture is famous for wheat growing. Wheaties anyone?

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Gas was $3.75 in Oklahoma City so we sure filled up to drive through Kansas. With this Ford Guzzler (20 mpg on the road) we needed all the help we could get.

And on to Abilene after our stay at Salina. The Dwight D. Eisenhower Library and Museum were wonderful. This is the seventh of the twelve Presidential Libraries I have visited. Next picture shows President Eisenhower's growing up home in Abilene. Please remember that he was born in Denison, Texas.

Before we left, we visited his and Mamie's graves. Their tombs are located in this chapel.

Kansas has the bluest skies I have seen since Texas! This was the sky with a few clouds above the Burger King where we ate lunch. Next stop was for gas, price here in Kansas was $3.89 a gallon, still fairly respectable considering parts of the U.S. are way over $4.00.

Lastly we saw wheat fields of all sizes. This was a small one. All of the wheat has been combined (harvested for grain).

Now we are here in Blair we will visit our cousins, help get the Blogstock '08 July 4th float ready for the parade, and attend Blogstock '08 activities.

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Boy...That sure is a good price for gas. We are paying $5.40 a gallon here in Welland, Ontario Jim!

These are such nice pictures. It just seems like you are taking us all right along with you and Mrs.Jim on this trip.

Drive safely and the Lord is looking after you Terry
Dear Jim ~~ I enjoyed your post and the great pictures. There sure were a lot of grain elevators, we call them silos over here. I hadn't realized that Paul Harvey was a radio announcer. We had a great one, in John Laws but he is retired now.
I am glad you are enjoying the trip in spite of the price of gas.
Thanks for the comments, Take care,
Regards, Merle.
That wheat field looks like heaven to me. I think many of the wheat farmers, who grew corn last year, are coming to their senses and growing wheat again. I am keeping my fingers crossed hoping that wheat prices go down next year, but that is probably a dream right now.

Looks like you and Mrs. Jim are having a good trip and that you are visiting different places on your way up. I hope you don't have to cash in a CD to fill up the tank. Keep on Truckin'. Remember, lots of pictures.

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