Thursday, July 17, 2008

No, not Colorado

Adi is home, we got her Monday. She was glad to see us but sad to leave Billy and Karen. Today I'm starving her because she has a doctor (vet) appointment at 10:30 and no food for 12 hours. That is to make her 'senior checkup' go right, they take blood, etc.

Colorado is no further along than it was last night. Since you guys are due an update, I thought you might like a couple of pictures I used on my other blog for Wordless Wednesday postings.

[large picture] [super sized]

Dusty, a fine Tennessee Walker

Dusty belongs to our neighbor who is in Colorado for the summer. Dusty and Ebony (not pictured) and Luke (ditto) traveled with the family to Colorado for the summer.

[large picture] [super sized]
Sleeping dog at Pompeii under sleeping Mount Vesuvius

I found this dog sleeping when we were touring Pompeii. A lot of people slept every night under Mt. Vesuvius, it hasn't gone off for a couple of thousand years, surely it won't go off in their lifetime still.

You may see this dog again on a Sunday post. I did NOT wake it up. I do not know its name. I think it is a stray dog, there were a lot of loose dogs there that day.

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It's a well fed stray dog. You make a good point, though. I'm not sure how well I'd sleep under Mount Vesuvius. I suppose it's a kindness toward future archeologists.
Hello, Mr. Jim!!

I know it has been a long time since i came round here, and I have missed coming over here...every time I pass by Adi's twin (as I refer to the beagle that lives near my house) I think of you!

Thank you very much for all your kind and encouraging words for my sister and I that you have left at Pals and elsewhere. (I am always at Pals, if you ever want to find me. I don't make it around to the other blogs much, but I do my best to drop by Pals at least once a day.) Your words have given me hope and brightened my days. Some days are tougher than others, some moments are tougher than others, and we are all struggling differently...but together at the same time. Life is hard, but God is ever faithful.

God bless you,
Dear Jim,
that Italian dog was not sleeping at all. Don't you see how he is wondering what to do, take a quick bite before dinner, or just remain in his comfortable position.
Glad he chose the last.
I have greatly admired your Italian pictures.
Wish I had been there. We were supposed to join some friends at Ischia two years ago, but that there were all that illness in the family.
Guess it will not be Ialy this summer either, just small trips around our own country.
At least until autumn comes.
Then maybe we can "finish our vacation" as you so cleverly expressed it last summer. (I've never forgotten that one. The Texan couple making a second trip to Europe to finish their vacation.)
Hope all's well with Adi. She certainly keeps the vet. busy.
Allright as long as shedoes not have to use those annoying collars.
From felisol
Dusty is beautiful! The dog looks relaxed. Glad Adi is home!

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