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Things that didn't stay in Tekamah (and Nebraska)

We got home late this Thursday afternoon from Blogstock '08 and a detour to Telluride, Colorado. Our Colorado visit will be told in part in a later blog.

[large size][picture courtesy of Jerry (Jerry's blog)]

About half of the Blogstock '08 festival attendees wore t-shirts with this logo. Mrs. Jim and I didn't get one as we really weren't around very much during business hours.

Mrs. Jim and I didn't have anything to hide. I scratched my head and found some things that did not stay in the Corn Country (Nebraska).

[large picture] [super sized]

Several of these items shown are from the Welcome Bag given to Mrs. Jim and me the first night of Blogstock, starting at the top row from left to right:
1. A pack of two black and one red markers from the Dollar General store in Blair, Nebraska. We had to get these to make our poster for the float.
2. A nice tall mug from the Morrow Kennels. This will be nice for my Arnold Palmer drinks.
3. A neat little star template I made to stencil the stars onto the poster. As a retired engineer, it had to be almost perfect. See the poster below.
4. A new phone book having Tekamah, Herman, and Blair phone numbers in addition to Fremont. Borrowed from the Super 8 Motel at Blair.
5. A very nice book made by
Ralph Campbell for the Blogstock attendees. It contained a bio and a couple of posts of the others and a few who wanted to come but couldn't. Thanks, Ralph.
6. A jar of honey from bees on Cliff's farm. Well, from Sue Bee who has hives on the farm.
7. A nice jar of cherry jelly. I suspect the cherries were from trees on the farm.
8. A bright orange bag the Blogstock favors came in. The computer cartoon reads "I love my computer because all my friends live in it."
9. June 25th Burt County Plaindealer with an article about Blogstock written by
Cliff Morrow.
10. Ten washers I got that were left over from weighing down the trim on our float
11 (Not shown) Two nice ball pens, green and white, advertising the Morrow Kennels.

[large picture] [super sized]

A neat little sore from rubbing on the stirrup leathers on Major's saddle. I had left my blue jeans at the motel. No pain, no gain, my nice ride, see the previous post, was well worth this little bit.

[large picture] [super sized]

[large picture] [super sized]

Four dozen plus two golf balls given us by our cousin, John, of Tekamah. John walks a lot and when his walk is at the cemetery beside the golf course, he finds many 'out of bound' balls.

Thank you, John. And Cliff, you might identify one of these (golf rule number one, identify your ball).

At any rate is 'finders keeper' rule for our family and John graciously gave us these balls that he had found.

Now, Mrs. Jim and I will play 'one for me, one for you' with the NIKE and Callaway balls. Then Mrs. Jim will take what she wants and I can have those she doesn't want.

Something that did stay in Nebraska

[large picture] [super size]

We worked hard to make this poster (aren't my home drawn stars beautiful!) and similar mate, then left both of them in Cliff's truck. We aren't sure whether or not he will save it for us or give them to a cousin. We would like to have them to show Adi. Maybe she has looked at the blog. I hope so.

Bloggers writing about Blogstock '08 (so far)

Be sure to click on any picture you like to make it large enough to see real good. Cliff said we made the paper in three places and left links to two. Ralph put on a couple of pictures that have Mrs. Jim, one of me. Jerry's blog is the most comprehensive report so far (I'm checking them as I write). Rachel has a nice picture of Mrs. Jim talking and working with Mrs. Morrow. I'm there too in another one. John and Terrah's son, Jacob, was the hit of Blogstock '08! Mrs. Jim and I couldn't figure out how he was able to eat all the sour cherries he picked. Terrah doesn't have pictures but does have some nice commentary on Blogstock '08. Jamie Dawn has some nice things the rest of us missed. Jerry has a neat little rundown on some logistics of attending blogstock.

Note: Scroll down on these blogs if you are looking this post in July 2008 and you will find them. If later, you probably should do their blog search--upper left hand box on most--on their blog using the word, Blogstock.

We surely did have a good time. And we got to meet quite a few fellow bloggers and their families.

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What a great chance to meet fellow bloggers and spent a wonderful time with them!

I have intention to start such an activity in Singapore. We could have international clubs!! :)
Nice bag of goodies you got there Jim. and im sure Adi would be proud to see her picture posted on the float.. Im off to see Lz and a couple of others ...
That tee-shirt explains mid-western teen life better than I could. Looks like a great time.
Jim - I was (later) kind of dissapointed that I had NOT ridden a horse out at Cliff's... but after seeing that shot of your leg, I may NOW be thankful that I didn't! It would have still be a GREAT time anyway! ~ jb///
Jim, looks like you had a wonderful time! Ever since I read about your Blogstock trip I'm thinking about getting some bloggers together for a trip too! I don't know if it will ever happen though. You have some nice souvenirs from your trip. :)
All good posting Jim. Sorry about the sore. That's why riding a horse always makes me feel better 'off.'
I've still got the posters and hope to get them to someone before they get too hot in the truck.
Good post Jim. Cliff might hold your poster as security until you return that borrowed phone book.
I'm having such a good time reading various accounts of Blogstock. What a delight it was to meet you and Mrs. Jim! You are a quiet, kind man with just enough spunk to make you a bit unpredictable.
I sure enjoyed meeting everyone!!
The goodie bags were a nice touch. Those Morrows and Campbells are hard workers and truly good people with giving, caring hearts.
I got to ride a horse too, but I didn't look as comfortable on the horse as you did. I kept sliding to the left, and I was kind of scared the whole time.
Oh well, it was fun any way!!!
I'm glad you are home safe & sound from your travels. We went to St. Louis after Blogstock, and now I'm getting caught up with blog buddies.
Sorry about the sore Jim, but getting to ride makes it worth it! You looked great on that horse!
I can tell you that the honey came from the farm, and the cherries too.

Glad you made it home okay. I know Adi will be thrilled to see you both! Pup sure was thrilled to see me. I thought he was going to have a heart attack he got so excited!

Thank you for your kind words Jim (in your comments on my blog). Being called a true 'Southern Lady' is very sweet!

Mrs. Jim and yourself are wonderful folks and I'm so glad I got to meet you both. Is she from NE too? The both of you were so nice and sweet, just as I knew you would be!
"Nother god-un Jim.
I'm guys had a great time!. I'll bet Blogstock '09 will be twice as good!

Thanks for sharing the great pictures.
Nice recap of the weekend. That looks like a nasty sore on your leg. So nice to meet you and Mrs. Jim.

Maybe I'll see you in Texas sometime.
That's a great picture of you on Major. Except for the short pants, you look pretty comfortable on horseback. Maybe you and I can go out on Bubba & Lucy next time you're in the neighborhood.
I read all the Blogstock reports. I read yours last and find a list I could have used...

Oh well. Nice recap. Enjoyed it.
Dear Jim...When I have a little more time, I will visit these blogs but I have to settle the score with you and Mrs. Jim first!
Love Terry
Oh I just noticed my niece in here! You have redeemed yourself a little Grampa Jim. At least Adi was there in spirit. Sorry though that Adi doesn't read your blog when you are away. Amber her sister has convinced Adi that she too likes to watch Deal or No Deal. She likes it better than the soap operas that she watches at home..Ha!!
And besides Adi never does read your blog if you want to know the truth. She prefers the Canadian Blogger over all the other blogs!....Love Terry
I read this earlier and could have sworn that I commented- anyway it was lovely meeting you and Mrs. Jim. I enjoyed our horseback ride together.

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