Friday, August 15, 2008

Have you had your car read lately? #003

This Friday feature for JIM'S LITTLE BLOG helps me tackle the blogging problem of writer's blahs. So my advice is "when you don't feel like writing anything, post a picture." That's what is happening here.**

Chapter 1

Do you see anything that I could possibly read about this driver from this picture? You wouldn't think so, no bumper stickers, no dents, just a plain old Jeep Liberty (??) (SUV) but please read on.

[large picture] [super sized]

We were in traffic about like this picture below and four of us were following an 18-wheeler semi rather closely. We were in the fast lane (left) because there were cars in the right lane. When we got ahead of the slower cars the truck did not get over to let us all pass.

[large picture] [super sized]

. So we all wove our way into the slow lane (right), got ahead of the truck, then back ahead of the truck because there were other slower cars ahead in the slow lane.

I was the last of the four, the SUV above was third. As he pulled in front of the semi he did what I believe was to 'flip the bird' at the trucker. I was shocked, this almost amounted to road rage.

Chapter 2

Then I came up beside the SUV on the feeder. Was I ever surprised to find out the 'HE' driving that SUV was a lady (??) with a teenage boy as passenger.

O boy, my impression of her went from a zero to a minus ten! Obviously an uncouth woman out of control of herself. Even though she was dressed nicely, this was a camouflage for a sinister heart, normally hidden in nice garb, which revealed itself to the world out thereon the highway--and terrible to think, but to her own son. Shame!

Chapter 3

Or ,,, it could have been this way. This nice lady may have been pointing to the side she just came from and indicating to the semi driver that he should be driving in (or at least now get into) the slower traffic lane on the right.

So, in this case this wonderful lady was doing the rest of our civilization a big favor. That truck really did belong in the right hand lane.

Guess what, he went there right after I got pulled into the fast lane ahead of him. Note to self, to be fair, he could have seen all us drivers he caused to drive slightly not safely. Too late for the four of us but great that he did move over.

Chapter 4

My dad would teach other drivers lessons on the road. Like 'teaching' faster cars move over so he could pass or to drive in a more polite manner. I inherited that trait from him, I use my pointy finger to point upward and then shake it admonishingly at the errant driver.

That is the parent, teacher, and human nature in me. Occasionally a driver will not be in the mood for correction and will wave another finger back at me. I hope for these folks' sake that I do not ruin their day in some way.

Too bad the whole world doesn't do it right like I do!

** This is not an original idea. Reading cars came from a sermon I heard last Sunday, brought by Dr. Roger Yancey, Director of Missions, Tryon Evergreen Baptist Association, of which our church, First Baptist Church of Conroe Texas, is associated. I believe my count of 118 was pretty close (link for you to check yourself).
I saw a few cowboy churches and quite a few Hispanic churches. All are within a 35 mile radius of our home.

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I try to stay out of any trouble and just get by the opposing driver, it is not worth the frustration. I wish I could teach that to my husband.
It can be frustrating out there with other drivers. I try to avoid the road rage, but it can be hard at times! I try to be patient and I try to stay out of the way of truckers!
This is great Jim. You weren't doing it right of course, but hey... you can't be expected to read my mind.
As an aside, I wonder how many husbands with pregnant wives or injured children in the car have been admonished for speeding.

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