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In Colorado some more, Mountain Village and Telluride, Part One -- Colorado Holiday Part III

This post continues our visit in Colorado with our Montgomery neighbors, Roger, Mrs. Roger, and Luke at their ranch near Telluride.
Today's post shows us in Telluride as our friends act a wonderful tour guides.
This is part one of two for the Telluride post.

Click on any picture for large sized view.
Change the "800" to "1600" in the URL Address for super sized view.

First we went to Mountain Village where we parked our car. First we would have lunch at the Peaks Resort & Golden Door Spa, Hotel Telluride. Below is the outdoor patio eating area, as we had Luke with us this day, we would go to the patio for eating.

Lunch was excellent, every one of us had different orders.
Mine was the best!

Our drinks were Arnold Palmers and water.
The Arnold Palmer is becoming quite popular,
it consists of unsweetened ice tea and lemonade,
half and half.

Luke would be good in France. He just stayed nearby
or under the table while we ate.

That wouldn't work right now for Adi and Katrin,
they stand looking at us with big eyes and drooling!

Isn't the view from our table fabulous!
Next summer we might bring golf clubs.

Mrs. Jim caught the first car, but they wouldn't let dogs on this one.
She was waiting for us on a bench when we got to the top.

Luke was apprehensive!
Next posting coming back, you will see how relaxed he became.

At the top, we entered an other cable lift to go down
to Telluride at the bottom on the other side of the mountain.

This is the view from the top,
looking back over Mountain Village where we departed.

And looking down at the old city of Telluride.

These Segways aren't for sale, you can rent them.
You are seeing my first ride on
one of these wonderful fun machines.

Roger, Luke, and Mrs. Jim stood in the shade
while we tried the Segways out.

Later the ladies would go into that real estate office
to peek at home offerings.
Way out of our budget was the verdict for Telluride homes.

Click here for a super large view.
Even if you don't do all the others
this one is worth it.

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Wow, such beautiful photos and wonderful good times. I can see why you would want to live there. The mountains are very very similar to the rockies of my area.
Yes, I have the same Rocky mountain range. I am of the Rocky mountain Range of BC of Canada which so many mistaken for Colorado! It is identical!! I am glad you have steered me here, it was well worth the visit! Thank you! =)
Mountain Retreat
Jim, Colorado is beautiful and your pix are so excellent in showing how really gorgeous it is. You look like you and the family (including your little doggie) had a good time. So glad your nephew is safe and sound just like mine! :)
Looks like you had a fun vacation here in Colorado. Thanks for sharing.
Looks fabulous Jim...I hope to get to see the Rockies some day!!
I love the Rockies....We used to own land in the Pagosa Springs area.... Downtown Telluride could pass for downtown Silvertown....I just love the mountains. I wish we could afford to move there but we can't. Soooo pretty. I'm glad that you and Ms. Jim had a good time with your family.
These are wonderful photos and enlarging them was worth the time it took to do so. Looks like a good time was had by all! How lucky for LUKE that he got to be included. My Molly would enjoy all this too. Thanks for dropping by my HF post at Small Reflections and leaving the reminder about the ‘lucky’ 7-7-07 last year and pointing out 9-9-09 will occur NEXT year. I’m sorry you missed my Sky Watch post at Sacred Ruminations … it’s a cloudy sunrise that was pretty amazing. If time permits, perhaps you’ll be able to drop by later ;--)
Hugs and blessings,
Great pictures! Thanks for the tour. I had a great time.
Hi Jim ~~ Great photos and it looks like you all had a great time together in Colarado. I have been unable to open my blog for the last two days (and I didn't get any apology) but seems to be OK tonight.
Glad you liked the story about the Jewish guy and his Apple girl, great
that they got together again.
Take care, Regards, Merle.
Your pictures are great! I almost feel as if I had been there.

I would love to be able to golf on that course.

Blessings to you and Mrs. Jim,

Telluride is a great little town. I have seen segways but have never tried one, may have to one of these days.

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