Wednesday, August 13, 2008

In Colorado some more, Mountain Village and Telluride, Part Two -- Colorado Holiday Part IV

Dog Days in Telluride

This post continues our visit in Colorado with our Montgomery neighbors, Roger, Mrs. Roger, and Luke at their ranch near Telluride.
Today's post shows us in Telluride viewing many friendly dogs as our friends act a wonderful tour guides.
This is part two of two for the Telluride post.

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[large picture] [super sized]

Here three (+ Luke) of us four (+ Luke) had stopped in for a cooling refreshment. Roger had his usual Arnold Palmer drink (half lemonaid, half unsweetened tea).

Telluride has dogs, a lot of dogs. It reminds me of my hippy days when everyother person had a yellow dog. At the University of Houston they would park their dogs like modern students park bicycles, just near the stairs.

There are a lot of bikes in this hippy-like town too!.
Bike pictures: [
pretty bike] [lots of bikes]
I wonder if they ever get mixed up?

Dogs, dogs, dogs everywhere.

Roger, Mrs. Roger, and Mrs. Jim made a lot of new friends.

People were very willing to pose with their dogs.
Luke also made himself a lot of friends this day.

Luke is ready for home!

Super sized pictures [left] [right]

And see how relaxed he is now on his fourth cable car ride
(two legs over, up and down the mountain, and two legs back)

Luke loves car rides, here he is on the watchout for deer
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Hi Jim,
I just got caught up with where I had left off with Karen in the phone booth.
The Colorado trip looked like great fun with great hosts.
Also, the two best 'mousers' I have seen were two miniature poodles that rode with the man who bought our hay from us when I was young. They knew to come close when we got to the last layer of hay on the ground. They never missed a mouse no matter how many came out at once.
Good blogging Jim.
I'm back! Just catching up. You are making me want to visit Colorado. It is so beautiful! The view from the golf course where you ate is just wonderful.

I wish you had done a video of you riding the Segway! I would have liked to seen that in action!!

Great, great pictures Jim!!
Hi Jim.. Nice pics... Oh my dogs everywere, how do you know if its your dog poop you clean up, someone elses dog may have left his calling card and your dog still there and then you clean up after others, at the parking bay..
We need a doggy parking bay here....
Hi Jim ~~ Dogs everywhere whether welcome or not. I am glad you and Mrs Jim enjoyed your time in Colorado.
Thanks for your visit to my place and glad you liked the article Margaret sent me. So many of my friends are so kind and I get heaps in e mails.
It is very strange how non-bloggers cannot understand the friendly connection that those of us who blog have. We consider ourselves friends and enjoy the happy times and share the sad times.
Take care my friend, Regards,Merle.
What an adventure Jim!!! Thanks for the invite. Telluride is a very neat place to be in the summer!! [I've been there in the winter too, but I'd much prefer the summer there]

What a joyous happy time for the dogs too. Looks like y'all had a terrific outing!!
i decided to visit and not lurk like i usaully do because it is quite obvious to me what is going on in all those dog can't fool me...i wasn't born don't have to wake me up with a ball bat...ok so you want to tell you all what i have noticed....are you all goes....all thoise guys are trolling for girls....yep all those guys after girls, and i am sure ade and jim are around someplace
Hey Putz, Adi was here in Kayty, Texas, Mrs. Jim and I were in Telluride.
Our friends' dog is Luke.
Just a lot of those fellows were with their wives/girl friends, waiting outside while the ladies shopped. We met seven tourists with their dogs, a lot of the fellows had the dogs while the ladies shopped.

Thanks, Merle -- I relate to non-bloggers as a sort of penpal type relationship, they usually can understand that.

Jeanette, I didn't see any poop laying around. I guess people were picking it up, there were posts with poopie bags in a box.

Rachel, I thought making a video but I decided against it. We weren't paying anything to do the sample riding. Just if we had taken one on that fellow's tour.

Cliff, I don't every remember any mice in the hay. Of course it was never me who got the last bale.

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