Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ruby (Red) Tuesday -- Iowa has some red

Iowa describes itself as being "WHERE THE EXCITEMENT BEGINS."
I don't really believe that one bit, I haven't found much to get excited about there.
Iowa does have a couple of things going for it, my SISTER lives in Iowa (north of Cedar Rapids) and there is some RED around there to be found for this blog.


[large picture] [super sized]
Lois (My sister) lives in Center Point, Iowa. I like this travel plaza, it is about a half mile from her home. We can go there and buy a Senior Diet Coke for a quarter at the McDonald's and then we can use the free WiFi at the plaza for as long as we want. We do eat if we stay through lunch or supper time.

Hint, Lois has dial-up. She is the only person in her county who does not have high speed. Like Mrs. Jim and I are one of three families in Montgomery County (Texas) who still use an antenna to get our TV.

[large picture] [super sized]
Dad lived his last couple of years in a nursing home at Hiawatha, Iowa. The ladies auxiliary group made these colorful toys and were selling them to help with the activities and facilities.

[large picture] [super sized]
The next three pictures were taken at Amana, Iowa. At one of the shops--they love tourists--these tractors were for sale. I buy mine at Tractor Supply here in Texas, they are a lot cheaper. Dad had a Farmall Super M as his last tractor while he was farming. Dad also had a toy Super M like this one, I have it now.

[large picture] [super sized]
This was in an antique store at Amana. Mom had one of these to grade her chicken eggs before putting them in the cartons to sell. I have hers now as well as the tractor.

[large picture] [super sized]

We had some really good food at the Ox Yoke Inn there in Amana. I've blogged about that before, check here if you dare see the Jim Bunch Eating there

Above are Mrs. Jim, BIL, Jim, and Sister, Lois. We had just finished eating. That day we even had desert, I had coconut meringue pie.


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Your photo can contain lots of RED or a little bit of RED

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I will might post a NEW Ruby Tuesday each some Tuesdays.

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Excuse me, but this former resident of Lone Tree thinks Iowa has a lot to be excited about including, but not limited to:

Tenderloin sandwiches from Hy-vee,
Pizza at Casey's
Pizza at Pagliai's in Iowa City
The Red Brick Inn in Amana.

If you think that's fattening, try the gossip.
I've never been to Iowa, so this is a treat. I especially like the women's auxiliary toys, and it's wonderful to "meet" your family.
Doug, Oh Man! Wouldn't you know my first heckler would be this guy who was from Iowa.
Doug, of course the Iowans think these places, your picks and mine, are all exciting.
Doug has a nice blog at
On weekdays he has a neat fun post with words that really invites you to comment.
Weekends lately he does a Canto, he has been running a series and now is at his 22nd.
You can listen to Doug read it while you read along if you pull the blog up twice.

Leora, Iowa is an interesting place to visit. It has miles and miles of corn fields, nice places to eat, several rivers, and a rock that gets a new patriotic picture painting on it every year.
Google iowa rock painting

Can that egg grader eggs without breaking them?

I haven't seen Sinclair products in CT since I was little in the 60s.

At the Ox Yoke Inn, I'll have the ribs, potatoes and gravy. Supersized, please!
Jim, a diet pepsi or is it coke, for a quarter at McDonald's? And free wi fi? When's the first plane to Iowa? A bunch of wonderful RED things for Ruby Tuesday! Jim, this post is the best! Really interesting! Nice meeting some of your family too! :)
I have just driven through or flown over Iowa so thanks for the little tour. Love that gas price!
I love that chicken egg scale! Very interesting. Wish I have one for myself!

My Ruby Tuesday's up here.
I think I remember my Grandpaw having a chicken egg scale. Thanks for the tour. I imagine the Ox Yoke Inn has some wonderful food.
Oooooh, the infamous "Time-Out" chair. Great photo.
Happy Ruby Tuesday.
I think you had fun visiting Iowa. Maybe the excitement does start there. ;-)
Nice post Jim! I enjoyed seeing all the red, especially the tractors. I like the toys made by the ladies auxiliary also.
Wait, wait, you listed 4 people in that last photo and there are only 3! Where's Mr. Jim? Oh probably behind the camera...
I love that egg thingee. Great keepsake!
Love your ruby submissions. Great!
I love the red Time Out sign!

My Ruby Tuesday is Ruby Tuesday and Baby Boy Lost
You and Mrs. Jim sure are getting around this summer.

Thanks for keeping up with me.
I love the egg grader! What a wonderful gadget.
Hi Jim,
Lots of goodies here. I like the Sinclair dino on the sign - cute. I know IT isn't red but it is cute. The old egg 'grader' was very interesting. I love antiques but I don't think I've ever seen one of those. The milk bottles with red labels caught my eye - I have some of those.
Nice Ruby post!
Hi Jim - That travel plaza sure sounds like a handy place. Good thing it's so close to your sister's.

I, too, am intrigued by the egg grader. In fact, I even showed it to my husband. He asked, "Is that really how they do it? Who knew?" Indeed!
Never been there but looks interesting! :D I'd take the red trucks!

Mine's up if you got a chance, HERE!
great shots!happy ruby tuesday
Dear Jim,
Iowa sure has gotten lots of red in it.
The red tractors, the funny egg grader and best of all; the cars from the women's auxiliary group.

I am not that much into the ming vases antiques stuff,(can't afford them either), but like golden oldies.
Objects making an almost forgotten time revive. Items made of love and care.

My Mom for 40 years belonged to an auxiliary group for the mentally handicapped. She embroidered a dinner table cloth a year for the bazaars.

Now people hardly want to use linen cloths. Too much work ironing.

So here's to our mothers; working and striving for the well being and growth for the family, and still having the surplus to go an extra mile for the less fortunate.
From Felisol
what fun I love the tractors ---maybe your wrong about Iowa?
Funny post! Those tractors are cute. That scale is neat as well.
I've never been to Iowa, but it looks wonderful, Jim. Coke for a quarter? That's rich!
Iowa is exciting for me because they don't have very many people.

I've been to that restaurant in the Amana colonies. Your bil Jim looks like he might need some prune juice.
Stop with the carrot jokes.
I thought NY was the exciting state. GG. My friend just reached her senior coffee status at Tim Hortons. I don't know that 55 should be considered as a senior..
Our Dad (Janell's & mine) had a Farmall M. I remember when it was new and shiny like the one in the picture. Before that he had an H.
Before the H he had Belle and Maude.
I remember Iowa from 1995 when I spent 3 weeks crossing America from New York via Philadelphia, Washington DC, Gettysburg, Niagara, Toronto, Chicago, Detroit, across to Yellowstone ( hence Iowa!) Salt Lake City, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, LA and San Francisco - now that was some trip!

I remember Iowa via the Interstate - very straight, very long and very flat!! But the people were lovely :-)
Jim; I wonder what your mom would think if she saw the eggs we sell now? It seems to me that they are getting smaller. We don't even have small ones anymore; the sizing starts at medium and those are really dinky.

You really have a good Ruby Tuesday post today!

I liked Sue's comment. Did you know she was my sis?

I kind of like Iowa, lot of open space and friendly people. Ox Yoke is a great resturant, best brat's I have ever had.

Great red shots! Funny thing is - the thing that caught my eye was the Dinosaur for Sinclair Gas. I haven't seen that logo in a long time.
I've never been to Iowa but, as you know, I've been close!

I don't ever recall seeing one of those egg grader things before. We always just eyeballed ours and guessed!

Hope you are having a great week Jim and Mrs. Jim too. Tell her I said Hello.

Fay has brought the much needed rain. It's rained gently part of yesterday, last night, and now today it continues. Great sleeping weather!
Jim ~ Ah ha! Finally I know why they say; "IOWA WHERE THE EXCITEMENT BEGINS." But is it the Sinclare station or the HyVee though? ~ Mrs LZ and I have had dinner at the Ox Yoke Inn too. I remeber the family style dining and we didn't go home with empty tummies either! ~ jb///
Jim, I didn't realize that they still had Sinclair gas stations....I've never been to Iowa but it would be nice to visit.
Ray here.
You didn't post this on your technorati blog.
I have never been to Iowa so thanks for the insight
Hi Jim ~~ Great post and look at all those comments. Well done - very
interesting things about Iowa.
Thanks for your comments on my Biker
post with the big space!! Glad you liked the couple of blonde jokes -
I "stole" them from Nick just for you. My eldest son still rides a m'cycle and I still worry. He is 54.
Take care, Regards, Merle.
I have relatives who live in Cedar Rapids.

I hope you enjoyed good times with your sister.
Eating is always a good thing to do. Well, maybe not ALWAYS, but a good portion of the time.


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