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Adi Can . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Help with Ruby (Red) Tuesday - Old things not used. What to do?

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Wine for the Day: Palin Syrah, sales are up in Houston

Today: (Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year - at sundown, 9-29)

A Funny: How to cut your work load (Dagwood, comic)

Photo of the day: (Ruby Red Tuesday)

This old desk was the first antique we acquired after we were married, 37 years ago. We debated about the $15 price tag and finally decided it would be worth it.

The desk no longer had its original finish but had been painted this red. It was a little brighter back then but it dulled considerably since the flood of 1979. It was completely submerged with about three feet of water, as were three cars and a motorcycle and most of our other worldly goods.

For a while it held flowering potted plants on our patio. That was really nice for it, I'm sure it felt it had a new life.

For a while we sat things on it but now due to space limitations it sits under this other older table. We do have two other student desks with original finish, carvings, etc. One is in good shape, the other needs some glue here and there.

I suppose it will sit for a few more years, then hit the trash. That is usually what happens to old things, sooner or later.

Of course, since we have an open back porch on our retirement home it could hold a plant back there again. It hasn't for nine years, will things change?

Word for the day: kerfuffle
Free Online Dictionary: Noun - informal a noisy and disorderly incident [Scots curfuffle, carfuffle]
Merriam Webster On-line Dictionary: noun - Etymology: alteration of carfuffle, from Scots car- (probably from Scottish Gaelic cearr wrong, awkward) + fuffle to become disheveled - Date: 1946 - chiefly British : disturbance , fuss
Devil's Dictionary: Not listed
Urban Dictionary: A social imbroglio or brouhaha. An organizational misunderstanding leading to accusations and defensiveness.
I spend half my time these days on the phone with HR, ever since Bob started that kerfuffle with his flaming e-mail to everyone in the sociology department.

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Adi, would you care to join me in a kerfuffle?
Adi is a fine looking beagle. I hope the old red desk finds meaning and purpose. I mean, it's red, for goodness sake. There's got to be something you can do with it. Take care.
Dear Jim,
I agree with grandma faith, this is not the way to treat an antique. I think Adi agrees.
If you don't want it, haven't you got relatives that might not have two more desks?
Besides, that flood might have added age and patina to your antique, don't you think. To be a flood survivor should have its reward!
From Felisol
Nice Ruby Tuesday Red! Have a great week.
That's some wine.

I'm like you. Things sit in the garage for years before I finally throw them out. I hate to part with anything.
Hi Jim,
I wish you were nearby I would take that desk off your hands for a profit even!
Nice Ruby Tuesday shot. Cute dog, too!

Looks like Adi wants to keep the desk.
Adorable dog in your Ruby Tuesday entry!
Nice old desk. Very cute dog too!!

I like that word kerfuffle, I use it often. Lol more so before my one kid moved out.
A dog and a desk - I thought that you couldn't teach an old dog...I'll skip the cliche here!
hmmmmm...and I always thought a carfuffle is what you put on a car in cold weather.
Oh Adi's grampa...You have redeemed yourself!
That Adi is a right pretty little doggie and guess who I am featuring on my Ruby Tuesday? Yep...your two girls but they will have to share the spotlight with Bernie!!...Love Terry

PS That nice desk would go good for Queen Katrin's palace living room!
37 years and it is still useful. I like red colour, it would look great on my patio. Too bad you are so far away, I would love to have it. :)
Hi Jim - Adi looks adorable, as usual. I sat at a desk like that when I was in elementary school. When my own kids went to school, I was almost shocked to see that schoolrooms no longer had that kind of desk for students.

Looks like it has seen its better days, but could still be spruced up. ;-}
Its a shame about the desk, I guess its the same old story, new replacing old. Maybe someone will come along with a use for it one day. Bob
Hi Jim, Love it when you Add Adi to the blog.I think he likes that red desk ..
and your word kerfuffle is used a lot over here...
Jim, the love the RED school desk! And Adi is so sweet! Happy Ruby Tuesday! Love the word "kerfuffle." I think I've used that word recently! Ha!
BTW, in case you aren't aware of Adi:
1. She is a female beagle
2. She is very popular on my blogs
[Click Label Adi for all her mentions,
Click Adi Can for her dedicated blogs]
3. Adi is a therapy dog, we will visit residents of an assisted living facility this afternoon
4. Everyone likes Adi
5. She is also a star on my YouTube videos, Jim1Jim1.
I love Adi and the Red Desk! What a sweet face she has. As far as the desk, great shade of red for Ruby Tuesday. Oh, you have to keep it Jim, it is a beauty. I love old stuff, and would feel as if I hit the Jackpot if I ever came across something like that at the roadside.

Happy Ruby Tuesday!
Adi looks like she wants to tell us something - a secret perhaps?

Love the photo and love all the interesting tidbits on your blog!!

Do you ever watch Craig Ferguson? He uses kerfuffle a lot :)
Jim ~ Adi looks like is getting ready to show some teeth here! ~ jb///
That little red desk has probably seen its fair share of kerfuffles!
We put those right in the basement :o) It looks like just what you are doing with your unused items...
I suppose some sand paper, some new red paint and a little varnish the old desk could look new again. Why not put it back on the porch and let it hold some pretty flower pots again. ADI, as usual, is a wonderful model for your pictures.....When do I get to meet ADI in person.
What a great old antique red and such wonderful memories too!

Ruby Tuesday~ Drop Me A Line
That old desk made me think of an old bench that belonged to my Grandpa. When I was in CA, my dad and brother refinished the old bench by sanding it, staining it, and fixing one of the legs that was broken.
When my mom came home, we all went out on the back patio to sit and talk. She was surprised and very happy to see that refinished bench with a few plants on it decorating the back patio.
That red desk looks neat to me. Perfect for a Ruby Tuesday shot!!

Hi, Adi!!!
Woof, wooooof!!!!

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