Thursday, September 25, 2008

A new MacDonald's cup handling procedure?

Jim's Little Photo Place today:
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Today: International Ataxia Awareness Day (IAAD)
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People are saying that Katrin is not getting on the blog often enough. (Some of my kids say that too.)

So here she is right after her bath yesterday. She was all frisky but decided it would be OK to settle down enough for me to take her picture or two. She will have her own post not too long from now.

MacDonald's cup holding procedure:

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This seems unsanitary to me. If I want someones fingers or thumb in my drink cup (which I don't) then at least they could put on a clean rubber glove before handling it.

Do you think they do this so that the clumsy help they hire won't be so apt to drop the cup.

The lady in a different colored dress was doing this at the Sealy, Texas, MacDonald's Restaurant last Friday. That different color dress denoted either supervisor status or a trainee. I don't know which suited her.

At Hurst, Texas (1401 W Pipeline Rd), it was a young man who grabbed every cup with his fingers inside. He had on a regular colored outfit. And he didn't look like he was just hired yesterday, he was knowing what to do and he did most tasks rather quickly.

What about your MacDonald's, is this a nationwide procedure now?

Word of the day:
Devil's Dictionary: A sentiment appropriate to the occasion of another's superiority.
Urban Dictionary: The trademark sign of love between two cynics. Often accompanied by sarcasm and clever insults.
Aww, look at the hatred they have towards each other. They're such a cute couple.
TheFreeDictionary: n. Intense animosity or hostility.
Plans for the day:
Check blog comments and answer, especially the Little Photo Place for Wordless Wednesday madness.
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Did the shopping. A little towards the clutter organization .
Ongoing Plans:
Get my clutter organized
Prepare Sunday school lesson, 1 Samuel

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I don't eat at McDonald's. We go to Burger King or Wendy's. But you have piqued my interest now, and I will have to see if they do that at either of those places. I know that if I did go to a McDonald's and one of the employees did that to my cup, I would not hesitate to tell them I wanted another one without their fingers inside it. The customer is always right!
Cheyene - But their fingers were inside when they stacked them up. Now what? I had thought of this but decided fixing the problem within my needed timeframe would not be possible.
Thanks goodness I don't eat or drink at fast food places any more.
Hi Jim, Next time I visit McDonald's I will take a look at how they handle the cups here, you might have to wait awhile though as I don't go very often. Thanks for the horse apple link, I took a look and I see they don't really look like apples at all close up and if they give you belly ache I definately don't want any! Bob.
Ray here.

Why not just give up fast food places altogether?
Dar and Ray, then I would have to cook. Or Mrs Jim would. We can't afford to eat at fancy places.
We did have Lean Pockets for lunch, that is better.

Bob, no I wouldn't eat them either.
Jim, at our McDonalds, we get our own drinks. They hand you a cup and you go over to the machine, get your ice and then decide what you want to drink.....No fingers in my cup please.

I don't mind just seeing ADI on your blog, I think that Katrin is more like Mrs. Jim's dog anyway. Maybe Mrs Jim could start her own blog and feature Katrin....
Oh my gosh now I am going to have to survey their cup handling techniques. O.k. so I am going to be so grossed out right? booo hiss....

O.k. I am sorry to say the other doggie is cute but come on Jim she isn't a patch on my dear sweet lovely Adie xx You can tell Adie that!

Hugs xx
Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes it was hard breaking the fast food habit. It is so easy, oh gee I am a little hungry, oh look food. The thing I miss the most is McDonald's fries. Of course becoming a vegeterain also helped a lot. But I still miss the fries.!
AAAAhhhh, Jim, you are sooo cute! Thank you so much for singing me for my birthday (late)! That was the best song I ever "heard", seriously.

I am pretty busy right now, I will go for a Singles Retreat today until Friday and as I am organizing it, I've got some stuff to do.

Talk soo, have a good weekend!

p.s. the little dog looks so cuddly, her name is Katrin?
Hi Jim ~~ Definitely not very hygenic are
they? You would think tea or coffee would be too hot on their fingers. The only occasion I go to McDonald's these days if for Breakfast Waffles once in a while. Thanks for your comments and I am glad you enjoyed the post about the Twins. My new mouse is nice - it's made by Microsoft, bought at Woolworths and was $40 Aust. Thanks for saying or singing Happy B'day to Sandy. More coming up early in October. Take care,
Regards, Merle.
Katrin looks amazing, all bathed and fluffed... pretty girl! Lucy and I look forward to more Katrin posts.

My, that's quite an unappetizing way to handle a beverage. Makes me glad I haven't patronized McDonald's since the early 80's. About the third time I got take-out, I had a "Big Mac Attack" (which is the way they advertised the big burger)... only my attack was after I had eaten it. I suspect the "special sauce" was tainted. It was the last time I darkened their doorway!

I'm a firm believer in home cuisine and never eat out - anyway, it's economical and healthier. ~ Deb

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