Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ruby (Red) Tuesday -- The Jim Bunch Eats
in Sorrento, Italy

Jim's Little Photo Place today:
Wordless Wednesday (has a classis Morris Minor 1000
I found when traveling in the Isle of Man)

Picture of the day:

[click any picture for large size] [super sized]
This was taken at a restaurant in Sorrento overlooking the Bay of Naples. In the distance we could see Mt. Vesuvius or just look across to see the beautiful Excelsior Vittoria Hotel. Mrs. Jim made a nice self-guided tour over there, I stayed outside on a bench watching people.

If that pepper seed jar lid isn't enough red for you, then click on the pictures below:

Girl on a motor scooter in red coat. There were a lot of girls riding scooters, I have a picture collection of some of them. [super sized]
The lovely Excelsior Vittoria Hotel across the water just a bit sitting on its own rock. [
super sized]
Mrs. Jim and I on the roof of our hotel. Mt. Vesuvius (link) is across the Tyrrhenian Sea (Western Mediterranean Sea)(Bay of Naples), as was Naples beyond the picture width to the left of the mountain. [
super sized]

Word of the day:
Devil's Dictionary: The science of adapting sermons to the spiritual needs, capacities and conditions of the congregation.
Urban Dictionary: HOMILETICS isn't defined yet.
TheFreeDictionary: the art of sacred speaking; preaching. — homiletic, homiletical adj. See also: Religion

Plans for the day:
Check blog comments and answer, especially the Little Photo Place for Wordless Wednesday madness.
Walk home from the club house with Adi (meaning: Mrs. Jim drop us off there while she golfs with her group)
Get yesterday's mail that we forgot to get yesterday
Take Adi to Conroe where we will visit residents at Hearthstone Assisted Living Center (take shower and get ready first)
Shop a little in Conroe--not decided about taking Adi home first
Wash my clothes

Got all done on my list. Not much though about the clutter organization
Trees need stronger wire, right now using 2X4's to help reduce the tension. Will get the wire while I'm in town today.
Extra (was TBD): Vacuumed the floors

[super sized] .................... [super sized]
Ongoing Plans:
Get my clutter organized
Prepare Sunday school lesson, 1 Samuel

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Hi Jim, I like your new style blog, I hope you manage to get yourself de-cluttered ok. It looks very nice in those pics of your vacation. Bob.
Homiletics. Well, I was doing L-words this week but ok.
These are all great photos with red but now you've made me want to travel and eat! What a great trip you got to take. Something looks new around your blog, Jim. Format? Anyway have a wonderful week and say hi to Mrs. Jim...
Dear Jim,
Happy Ruby Tuesday,
Ahh, I am so wanting to see Naples - without dying.
My last area of Italy to explore, then I have to return to Garda Lake and all the various beauty of the cities and the villages at the upper end of Italy.
Problem is; I want to go yesterday, not in a year.
From Felisol
Your photos bring back lovely memories of my trip to Italy. So many places to visit or I would go back there again. Take care.

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