Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday morning pick-u-ups [003]

[10:40 AM Friday, September 12, 2008] We are hunkering down for Hurricane Ike. It should come right over our house. Since we live 94 miles from Galveston, the winds are expected to die down to around 80 MPH when it gets here. Those strong winds may last up to three hours.
What is going on?
Here is the NOAH track (ABC13 Weather Storm News).
We are expecting to lose power for up to a week, probably happening during the night or early tomorrow.
Catch you after the storm (or from a friendly MacDonald's with WiFi).

Good News / Bad News
(update on the Carrot couple and their kids):

(WARNING: read no further if you don't like dog jokes)
Mrs. Carrot:
The kids found a dog today and brought him home. The good news is that it was free.
Mr. Carrot: That's good, but you don't look happy.
Mrs. Carrot: It had fleas ...
Mrs. Carrot: But we gave it a bath.
Mr. Carrot: That's good, but you still don't look happy.
Mrs. Carrot: It ran into a different room before we could dry it"
Mr. Carrot: So? ...

Mrs. Carrot: The dog is dry now.
Mr. Carrot: That's good, but you still don't look happy.

The next Bad News/ Good News is UP TO YOU. Please help keep this going through the comments.

Click here for a religious cartoon for you that I don't understand.

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Mrs. Carrot: Well, now the bedding is wet and stinky...
+the good news was it was free, so matter whaat the bad news is the good news will always be tha 'he was fre" and to a tight old bounder like me that will always be the best news
Hi Jim, hope you are hunkered down good and that you are all safe with no damage.

Mrs. Carrot: He ran into the walk in closet and shook himself. Now we have water all over our clothes. (I am not good at this thing).

I do not get the religious cartoon either.
Hope your are all well and dry and without bad damage.
We've been in ky and tn for a couple of days and are on our way home.
Dear Jim,
I am praying for Jim and his bunch, especially these days with this spooky storm.
Yesterday TV showed pictures from Galveston. That was not a pretty sight.
He who calmed to water, can also monitor this storm.
Hope to be hearing good rewievs real soon.
From Felisol
Hope you fared well, Jim. When the lights come back on, let us know how you're doing.
Dear Jim,
thinking of you & your bunch, holding you up in prayer.
From Felisol
Be safe down there Jim.
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hope all is well your way!
Ray here:

"But the bad news is that he dried himself by jumping on the bed and rolling on your lucky bowling shirt you had laid out on the bed to wear today."
Mrs. Mac to Jim: I pray that you survived the hurricane. Please give us a report about your situation asap.
Dear Jim,
I would also like to see a word from you..
Am worried.
Have a unique talent for worrying.
Please give us a tiny pip.
Yours, Felisol
I don't get that cartoon either.
I hope you are okay. I know Ike was really a monster of a storm. Our neighborhood lost power for a day, and we had heavy rains, but not as bad as with Gustav.
We were out of town and did not have to endure any of it.
I wish you well, and I hope your home and yard were not damaged by the winds and rains.

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