Friday, October 17, 2008

Have you had your car read lately? #010 -- Have you ever had a sad car? Tell me about it!

Pictures of the day (sad cars):


[large picture] [super size] [large picture] [super size]
Left: Little truck that might squeeze in anyplace

Right: Car that didn't squeeze in someplace

[large picture] [super size] [large picture] [super size]

Left: Some cars headed the wrong way (which ones?), scooters don't help

Right: Sad, can't leave town on its small batteries

Have you ever had a sad car? Tell me about it!
Mrs. Jim and I have had a couple or more.
First was our 1976 Plymouth Volare four door wagon. This car was pretty rusty, Mrs. Jim swore that a hole was happening in the floor beneath the passenger seat. We sold it for $200 when the transmission was leaking badly when the car had 178,000 miles on it. The new owners put stop leak in the transmission and the leak stopped.
Second was our 1981 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. It was a one owner, pretty light blue in color, and with a dark blue vinyl top. There were two problems with this car; the gas gauge didn't work, and it had a baseball sized hole in the passenger side.
Mrs. Jim ran out of gas one time in our own neighborhood while driving with an elderly lady friend. We put silver duck tape over the hole in the side. We had that car for quite a few miles also, until it got over 150,000 miles. Then we sold it to a young couple for $500.
The A/C worked wonderfully on both cars, neither overheated or anything like that, they were both great cars. Just a little sad.

My happy cars are my Mustangs.

1998 GT Convertible
1974 Mustang II Ghia

Comic for the day: Jack in trouble (link)

More pictures of the day (more sad cars):


[large picture] [super size] [large picture] [super size]

Left: Red car on wrong side of street, headed wrong way

Right: Parked Sable doesn't care which way -- does it go?


[large picture] [super size] [large picture] [super size]

Left: Waiting for lift kit and large tires

Right: Too cheap to get taxi -- has all essentials, like a bag man with shopping cart has his

The top four are all Italian cars, the bottom four are U.K. except for the pretty blue and red, it was found in Louisiana.

Word for the day: tinnies

Urban Dictionary -- Australian, n , cans; tins of beer.
Hundreds of empty tinnies littered the bed of the red neck's pickup truck.

Last words here, all our cars were bought used. Mrs. Jim and I have never purchased a new one since we have been married. We were in education you know, retired now.

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I thought most of those cars looked European....Their cars are so small. Bonnie got to drive a "Smart Car" when she was visiting her cousins in Geneva....She really like it..

Our sad car was a 1972 Fiat....It was absolutely a "pain in the you know what. We had it only a week when it blew an engine. The dealership had that car more than we did so we traded it in about two weeks before the warrenty ran out and got a Toyota....Much better car.
Dear Jim...I will email you a few pictures of the saddest story we ever had with Bernie's big blue van, and I will tell you the story too, but first of all I have to go and see what you did for Ruby Tuesday, you teachers pet you!!!..Love Terry
Jim ~ What an interesting post! I've had more SAD cars than GLAD cars over the years. The first one I bought when I was 16. I bought it with my next door neighbor. We both threw in $50 a piece. It was a 1947 Plymouth. We used to have to trade Friday and Saturday nights for dating purposes. I worked very hard trying to make it look less like a junker and when it finally looked really nice, my neighbor (who was 18) sold it and bought a new car and gave me back my $50. I think I really got hosed onm that deal. but it did force me to get my OWN car, which was a 1948 Austin Healey Panel trunk. It was kind of cool, but I then traded it in for a 1940 Chevy panel truck so I didn't have to put my surfboard on top of it, but I could keep it inside. I wish I still had that one! In fact all of those would no longer be (SAD) junkers, they'd be classics (kind of like US!)

The first Smart car I ever saw was in St. Barts. ~ Later! jb///
Gday Jim.Soon as i saw the narrow street with the scooters I new was Italy..
My sad Car was A ford fairlaine it Blew engine just under 16000ks just out of Yarrawonga and had to be towed home. ford payed for the engine we had to pay for labour.I felt something wasnt quite right and traded it just over 32000ks for my new ford. and have since been told by sevice manager who I know very well it blew another engine while out on a test drive with a potential buyer.wasnt I lucky I traded it in .
Hi Jim, think the my sad car was the Rover 2000 I had, it was in pretty good shape but I just never did enjoy it. I think my favourite car ever was a Ford Capri which was great to drive and trouble free from beginning to end. I have a Volvo V40 estate car at the moment which I like very much and this has surprised me no end so much so I would like another one only the V50 model, just need to convince Mrs Bob that its something we need! She isn't bothered what it is as long as the wheels go round. Do you always run your cars to that sort of mileage? Our Volvo had 104000 on the clock at the moment. Mrs Bob drives a Ford Puma which is a nice enough little car and fun to drive - very nippy.
Jim, I thank you for those car stories. They made me smile :-)

I can't tell you too much about cars because although I love cars and I love to drive I only owned one single car in my entire life. A good friend of mine gave it to me as a gift right after I got my drivers license. She gave it to me because it was 13 years old and she had actually bought a new one. But the old one still had insurance paid for three more months so she gave it to me before it had to go to the car cemetery.
So, this sad car was probably a happy car because it had three more months to live with me :-)
Those little cars are cute! That little truck looks like the ones the parking meter ladies drove around. Remember when they did that? If your meter was out of time they'd get out of the little truck and leave you a nice ticket under your windshield wiper!

I don't think I ever had a sad car....but maybe my Plymouth Duster if I had to pick one. I forget what year it was.
I don't remember ever having a sad car. I did have a '77 Jeep rag top and it was involved in 3 accidents. The last one kind of did it in. My Dad said I broke everything on it that could be broken.
Dear Sad Car Jim,
I guess I'm mostly in for fun stories in the autumn..
I love the Italian pics, though.
Once you've tried to maneuver in the curvy, steep alleys of any Italian city, you know why there's a market for small cars and Vespas.
Once you've taxed from Venice to Garda on the autobahn one late Saturday night, you know the blessings of a solid armored car.
From Felisol
My first car was a '66 VW Beetle. I bought it in Oswego and it had no heating system. So, in the winter, I just parked it for three months and let the snow cover the darned thing.

It got so rusted, I had to put wood planks on the floor in the back.

So, when I sold that car, what did I get? A '79 AMC Spirit. That's another story.
Happy Belated B-day to your sister!!!!

I like your happy cars, especially the green ones.
Adi likes that one very much too, also... I can tell.

Our car is sad at this very moment. Our car is a volvo named Yngvei. Taylor named him after a famous guitarist. Most cars are shes not hes, but ours is a he since Yngvei the guitarist is a he.
Our poor Yngvei is in the shop, very sick.
We are very sad too since his medical care will cost us a fortune.


I hope you have a happy week!!

I dont have a car so no sad car for me. ;p
I like that blue little cute!
I've had more than one sad car in my poor days. I'd pray they would be me to work and back. I'm so glad neither of us has a sad car now. We've both had too many.

Have a terrific day. :)

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