Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ruby (Red) Tuesday -- GUM Department Store

[large picture] [super sized]
We didn't buy anything here, just used the restrooms. The restrooms were just plain gorgeous and super clean. Even the men's.
The GUM Department Store is across from Red Square, in Moscow (Russia).

Note that there weren't any Halloween decorations. We were there just a couple of weeks before the goblin date.
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Looks like a nice clean place to visit!
I love that angel statue - reminds me of Christmas.
guess what jim?
i am making my ruby tuesday and admiring yours at the a same time
i have my lap top on one side and my computer in front of me
i see your darling is dressed in blue and so is bernie.
oh my right arm is getting sore, so see you for now...love terry
am guilty of going into big stores just to use the comfort room. :)

happy RT!
Noted: The GUM department store in Moscow has clean restrooms. Thanks for the tip, Jim! ;-}
Wow - that looks like a very elegant place. Mrs. Jim fits right in! She sure takes a good picture.
Dear Jim,
how very appropriate; a report from the red city on Ruby Tuesday.
Mrs. Jim always on top of the situation, looking so gorgeous beside the mega angle.
From Felisol
Very nice. If I ever get there, I'd like to find a Lenin ornament.
looks like there are Christmas decorations! :)
You went all the way to Russia to use the restrooms? :)
There is a classy, beautiful mall sized retailer. As an older building, the massive skylights make this a more elegant sort of Galleria, such as in Dallas or White Plains. Just a grand old and elegant place to shop!
Looks like a neat place Jim!
That store looks so inviting. I'm glad they had what needed....
That look like a nice place to visit and I can't even seem to make it out of Nebraska!
Nice RT post Mr. Jimmie ... the Mrs. looks rather lovely with that nice scarf ... she should join my 'Sisterhood Of The Traveling Scarf' club ... the journey begins today at the "Center Of The Universe" .. if she's curious, have her check out my blog ;) ...
Poor Colton practically drowned himself trying to get an apple. I finally had to hold one so he could bite into it. Thanks for dropping by, better late than never. Be good!
How interesting!
Great photo of Mrs. Jim!!


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