Friday, October 31, 2008

We''ll be home tomorrow evening

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This is our group from Texas with our guides. From left to right, mia, John (Juan), Eunice--guide, Larry, Berta--guide, David, John, Robin, Seaun, Braydon, Dale, Nola, Karen--not my daughter, and Chance.

We are standing above Antigua, Guatemala. This is on our way to our final hotel before flying on to Houston.

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Behind the city is the mountain, Volcán de Agua or Water Volcano (link). A volcano in 1541 blew the top off and now Lake Agua with water fills the volcano pit. We cannot see the top of the mountain here because of the low cloud level.

You can read a lot more about our trip from First Thoughts (First Baptist Church Conroe) by Dale.

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Thank you for the Happy Birthday wishes. I had a fun birthday despite being apart from Mrs. Jim.
She didn't come but instead went to Louisiana to be with her sister who just had heart by-pass surgery.

Please forgive me if I have not returned your visit and comment.
I presently have 28 unanswered comments on my blogs.

And it will be late in the evening when we return.
Dear Jim,
I have been over at Dale's First thoughts, and am mighty impressed over the work you have accomplished on your mission tour.
May you all be richly blessed in return.
From Felisol
Wow, looks like you had a wonderful time. I know you miss, Mrs. Jim but she needed to be with her sister at this time. May the Lord bless you and your family for going and doing his work for his children in other places in the world.

Hope you get home safely and can vote on voting day....
Hi Jim:

I sure it will be nice to get back home again and see your wife. She is doing a good thing being with her sister. Your group of folks are doing what the Lord intended for us to do, to spread God's love and his word! Bless you and your fine group of folks.
Dear Mr. Jim...It will be so nice to see you again but it will be sad for the people that you are leaving behind.
Do any of them have computers that will be able to keep in cnotact with you?
Mr. Jim..You and your friends wiil be richly rewarded by the Lord for your faithfulness and for your Terry
Happy belated to you and thanks for this service you all have performed. So very, very nice of you.;
Get some rest now.
Happy Belated Birthday Jim! I will have to come back and catch up on your blogs! Looks beautiful in Guatemala!

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