Thursday, November 06, 2008

Have you had your car read lately? #011 -- The little car that did

This is a wonderful two-owner car! It has over 233,000 miles on it and is still running top notch. Nothing was ever done to the engine or transmission except to replace some belts and dip-phugolator.

More interesting is the history of this car. It now belongs to a young college student from Illinois.

Before that it belonged to his grandfather who supported a family of eight kids and his sister. He rented a small farm of 80 acres which was always planted with corn and oats.

These grains he fed his cows, chickens, pigs, and feeder cattle. Most of the animals furnished food for the family either in produce or in their sacrifice as meat. Grandpa did have a large garden. The surplus produce and slaughter animals were sold to purchase family items which required cash.

As the family grew up and left home there was not one left to help with the farm. Grandpa did not have a tractor and all but one of his horses had died. So then he rented only the house and surrounding yards and the garden.

He won this new car at a poker game which was very fortunate for all of them. Now he could get a paper route to help support the two children still at home and the sister. The paper route was quite prosperous and provided ample income for those left at the home place.

Finally grandpa became bedridden and could no longer do the paper route. He was now all alone with the two kids gone and his sister had died. Who would take care of him?

The alert grandson saw what was happening to his now ragtag grandfather who had to spend most of his days in bed. Twice a week the oldest daughter who worked seven days a week would come in and leave food by the bed, wash grandpa's clothes and bedding, help him bathe, and visit for the entire day. She also repaired the car when as it needed.

Now this grandson approached his grandfather. "If you would let me use your car to do your paper route then your money problems would be over" he announced.

Quickly things transpired, the grandson ran the paper route, it grew even past its former number of subscribers, and financially things were in the black again.

The grandfather said, "son, you could live here with me and save yourself a lot of money to help with your school." This arrangement worked well. To the surprise of everyone, with the grandson now living there in the home, grandpa became able to get up and no longer be bedridden. He could pretty well take care of himself and even helped some in the garden.

Grandpa gave ownership of the car to the grandson. He charged no rent and gave the grandson whatever amount he needed for support and college. This arrangement worked well for eight years until grandpa died. The grandson was taking good care of the car so it would last many, many, more years. Rumors are that even a new puppy was found in the little household.

Those eight years are still hazy but things did work out.
Things will be more clear with history's report.
What will happen now remains to be seen.

We were seeing the actors and missing our play. It is currently playing in theatres near you.
The cast:
Bill Clinton is played by Grandfather
Barack Obama is played by Grandson
Various Congressmen voted out of office and an unsuccessful vice president candidate are played by the seven forgetful selfish children
The United States of America is played by the car (alternate actor, the farm)
Hillary is played by is played by the one caring daughter who has a job and works seven days a week -- and also does work on the car
A new and aspiring health plan is played by the food, clean clothes, etc for grandpa
The economy is played by, well you know that
Other characters not named in this review are played bit you might recognize
Credit is also given to the stage hands without whom this play would not be possible
The current president was not in this performance as the actor, G.W.B, was vacationing on his Texas ranch--in the script he was a major contributor to the sad state of repair of this little Ford car

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I don't get that last part, but the car story is really wonderful.

Hi Jim

The Car Story is written so well =)
The car story was great until the ending which I didn't care for. Like Jamie Dawn I don't get the ending.
Interesting story Jim!
Jim, Nice car story but I don't agree with the analogy....
Dear Jim,
I think America is far healthier than that rusty old Ford.
The models of 1776 have yet quite a few mileages within, I feel sure.
From Felisol
gday Jim. Another that like the car story but didnt get the end..the car looks what we call a rust bucket thats seen better days.
Good story Jim, but like the others, I didn't get the ending. I agree with Jeanette, that car looks like a rust bucket!
I gathered that you might be the grandson, eh ... your analogy is in the tank though P U ... ;) hugs anyway
Hi Jim mate, nice to see you back. It amazes me how many miles you guys put on your cars. Bob
What a great story Mr. Jim!
It must be a Hallmark story for sure!'
So good about family caring for family and the puncuation mark at the end in the form of little puppy!!!
This certainly isn't a sad car story but a HAPPY one!
Love Terry

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