Sunday, November 30, 2008

Have you had your car read lately? #943 -- Why don't these guys go ahead and take their half out of the middle of the road?

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I am afraid there isn't a very good answer for that question. Just a lot of inconsiderate drivers have been around here lately.

The most inconsiderate drivers I am seeing are locals in their pickup trucks, generally pulling an almost empty flatbed trailer. I have nothing against locals pulling trailers but when they pull out in front of me (and other drivers as well) they seem to forget that they are pulling the trailer.

You can figure what this does. It causes black braking skid marks all over the road leading up to them. Often it also causes some unpleasant name calling and horn honking to someone who is long gone and could care less.

Now to study these two a little more. Obviously they are travelling together at a fairly slow rate of speed. Or is the tractor passing the pedestrian? If that is the case we can almost hear those large horns blaring, two trumpets on the red tractor and another pinned to the coat of the pedestrian.

I believe they are friends and that the fellow driving the tractor is going slow enough for his blue-jeaned friend to keep up. He's not doing a very good job at it as the walking friend is getting behind. Back there I doubt they can even hear each other talking over the tractor noise.

If I were driving the tractor, I would be pulling my friend in the trailer. Surely walking very far in those cowboy boots would kill his feet. They sure would mine.

Where would the blue-jeaned fellow sit? Did you notice that the cargo in the trailer is a sitting bench. It would not be very safe to upright the bench for a place to sit. At least not while the rig is moving.

I would have him move that pillow up on the trailer floor and sit on it in front, hanging his legs down where the pillow is now. That would be the safest place for him, either side or the rear would put him in jeopardy of being hit or squeezed by a car that gets too close.

A last question here for the read.
I would like some help here with that one, where do you think they are going?

And one more last question, some people think the driver is married? What do you think and why?

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are their clown costumes special dresses or is it a normal thing over there to be dressed like them?

I think, the sitting bench is not too dangerous for the fellow walker because of the looooowwww speed of the tractor... I think if the engine wouldn't get too hot, he could sit on the red part in the front like riding a horse. It looks like there's a little flue or something he could hold on to.

have a nice weekend, Jim!
They are going to the local bar & grill. I don't think either one of them is married. No self-respecting wife would let them out of the house looking like that.
There going to the end of the parade route, and get out of their parade outfits! I just sit down to take a break from Christmas decorating, to thought provoking for me right now!
They're having some fun =)
They are going to the end of the parade and get a cold drink and cool off!

Some people wear cowboy boots all the time and think they are comfortable. I have a brother that does.

As to why some think the driver is married....I dunno!
Looks to me like it may be part of a parade!
And Jim, I so understand about all the inconsiderate drivers. Texas is the worst. I've driven in most all the other states, and even the reputed bad driving state of RUSH HOUR on I-5, and Texas drivers are still the worst!

Happy Monday. And glad that you added to my 'readers' grid. You ARE #50!!
Looks like a parade Jim.....Married? Who knows!

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