Thursday, November 13, 2008

Little boys are really just kids with dirt on them.
Mrs. Jim told Jim that she saw a sign like that today.

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Hi Jim! My mum just laughed out loud at Adi and Katrin's photos... they don't exactly look like "best buds," or very cooperative with the photographer. Tell them it's all worth the nagging, being followed around with a camera and told to say "cheese!" (When you'd actually rather be eating cheese!)

We heard a rumor that you and the girls were going to drop by... hope you make it over to some of our blogs, when you can. Mom's got a neat sky/haiku sequence on "gardenauthor" and a funny poem on "Grouse & Chortle."

I've got a November posting about what a garden slob my mum has become, ever since that darned camera came along... over at "Dog's Eye View." Show Adi and Katrin my new header, so they can see how we east coast girls have to dress in chilly New England.

"HI!" to the girls... Lucy-Maude

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