Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ruby (Red) Tuesday -- Dollar fish taco night

Which sounds better, Baños or fish tacos for a dollar?
What do they have in common?

[large picture] [super sized]

This restroom sign (BANOS) is at Berryhill's Mexican Restaurant in Katy, Texas. It is one of our favorites. Houston is just full of Mexican restaurants so it is hard to have a favorite.

[large picture] [super sized]

This sign was in the restroom, above the sink. Note the granite counter top. Granite is the most economical for public places. The ones with lavatories that is.

[large picture] [super sized]

No meal is complete without the doggy bag. When you've got two dog mouths to feed every take home French fry saves a bit on dog food. Since our dogs are on diets a small bag of French fies will last a couple of weeks.

Adi and Katrin both like Mexican food, even the Mexican French fries.

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I had a hard time finding anything red for Thanksgiving. And no, we won't eat here for Thanksgiving.
Instead we will eat at the Black Eyed Pea Restaurant in Katy, Texas.
I'm having chicken fried steak, Texas style.
Again, Happy Thanksgiving from the Jim's Little Blog characters!

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Mary is in charge there, you can post your own if you wish.

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Happy RT! I have not tried Mexican food before. Ur dogs eating french fries? Hee hee. My friend's cat eat yogurt!
I am always glad to see that sign and hope it is heeded by all:)o
Yo Jim, love the "Banos" sign! I know some folks that live in Katy. They're swell people. As for Mexican food, the longer I live in Florida the more I like it!

Thanks for your visit -
Tink *~*~*
My cats have completed their weight loss and it wasn't all that much fun...
Hi Jim! Happy Thanksgiving:) I like that Banos sign. What do you think that means?

Thanks for sharing!~

I've never heard of Mexican French Fries before.
Happy Thanksgiving.
We love Mexican too. Good thing cuz we live in Northern Mexico, uh I mean southern California :0)
Jim a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!
the family scene is adorable

I love those lanterns in the top shot
Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mrs. Jim.

Becca is coming home in a little over an hour. I get to have her for a week. Aaron is overseas and will not be able to come home for the holiday's this year. (Tears) We will miss him but he is always in our hearts and prayers.
Anything that costs a dollar will taste delicious because it is nearly free. Yet, the item and tastes good as well...what a deal!
We had Mexican food for dinner. I made chicken tacos, and they were yummy!!
I bet Texas has the best Mexican restaurants.
California has really good ones too, also.

The Jim Bunch sure does eat well.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
Enjoy time with your loved ones.
Hey Jim,
I'm sorry I am getting here so late. I'm expecting 14 for Thanksgiving and it's spruce up time and food prep time. :)
I love lights and cute 'family' pic.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Many Blessings.
Happy T Day, Jim
Dear Jim,
You've made a swell ad for Mexican food.
(And for doggy bags.)
The red granite is a favorite of mine, polished or raw cut.
We have not had any reports from your gourmet dinners lately. Sure they must contain and lot of red too.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving.
We have all so much to feel thankful about, don't you think?
From Felisol
Jim ~ I hope you and Mrs. Jim (and Adi) have a GREAT Thanksgiving! We all have much to be thankful for! ~ jb///
happy Thanksgiving!
As always, I enjoy seeing the Jim bunch eat. And their canines too :) Happy Thanksgiving!
Hi Jim!! I'm catching up on reading your posts. I really love the painting that Mrs. Jim bought. It's lovely and huge! You have those high ceilings so you'll find a nice place for it. I do like the tapestry as well.

Pup has eaten french fries but he's not crazy about them. He likes meat better!

I hope you and Mrs. Jim have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Enjoy your chicken fried steak. I like the name of that restaurant; Black Eyed Pea!! Cute!
Gday Jim, Mexican food Yuk! to spicy for me, And ive never heard of mexican chips.
happy thanks giving
What, no turkey? I guess Mrs. Jim is not cooking this year. Chicken friend steak sounds good though. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Mrs. Jim, ADI and Katrin and the family.
Great post for Ruby Tuesday, Jim! Hope you enjoy your dinner out! We eat in and it's just so much work!! Wish I were going out with you! Happy Thanksgiving! :)
I hope you and your Bunch had a Great Thanksgiving!! Chicken fried steak sounds wonderful.

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