Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ruby (Red) Tuesday -- MacDonald's delivers!

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I did a double take when I saw this guy. He was stopped beside us at the stop light but before I could get my camera turned on he was up ahead. I had to use the zoom X 3 feature, I hope you don't mind the degradation in quality. I was just glad to document this.

Taken in Guatemala City on November 1, 2008, on our way to the airport.

Don't you wish your MacDonald's would deliver!

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Now I've seen everything Jim! Fast food delivered...
I'm not certain that it would be a good idea to deliver McDonalds to me...I'd might order more often than necessary (and healthy, for sure)
Lol, that's so cool. Very rarely I'd want McDonalds to deliver. But what an idea.
Boy! I love these Macdonald delivery guys that deliver 24/7 here in Singapore. Anytime you're hungry, call-order-eat in 30mins!! :)
Happy RT!
that's hilarious....[

BTW Jim...I finally got the link to work...thank you so much for explaining it to me...

And Happy Ruby Tueday to YOU !!

Hey Jim, Mc Donalds is world wide....lol. I am actually glad that Mc Donalds doesn't deliver....My grandson would be thrilled.
I have not asked for Mac's delivery before. Still prefer to dine in. ;)

It Meows #7 and It Meows #8
I never thought of this:) hehe I meant the McD's red uniforms..Nice one,Jim!
Now that's fast fast food LOL.
Dear Jim,
I am no McDonalds fan, I'd rather that the Chinese food delivered.
That wood not be such a cool picture though.
Happy Ruby Tuesday
From Felisol
I bet you had to be quick to catch this!
Actually since I only eat at McDonalds under duress, it wouldn't bother me if they didn't deliver. But at least they're being fuel efficient about it!
I love delivery. Since I commute everyday and get home late. Once my car hits the garage I don't feel like leaving the house again. I don't know about McDonalds, the fries might be cold, I hate greasy cold fires!
Jim, the article stated that the bluetooth has 1/100th of the emissions of the actual cell phone.

I wouldn't sleep with you cell phone under your pillow. The article said to keep it two feet away from you....Are you willing to wear a magnetic bracelet?
I'm glad I live out in the country with very little home delivery. But a nice RT picture taken at extreme speed.
Well, that's kinda neat. I'm not a McDonald's person; we like Burger King.
I'd be in trouble with any more delivery options

But it is a great idea

what a lucky shot
I loove that McDonald's here in the Philippines delivers 24/7!
Haha!! I don't think I'd want McDonald's to deliver. I don't eat there very often. Glad you got this photo Jim!
Fast food delivered - that is just wrong.
Oh Mr. Jim
You were in the right place at the right time!!
So good that you always travel with your camera!!
You KNOW how much Adi loves Big Macs!
Too bad she hadn't of been there. You surely would of had to taken chase and caught that "I'm loving it" guy and bought a take out order for your little grandaughter ,eh?
And a butterscotch sundae for dessert.
Alas though poor little doggies of yours were languishing with hunger back home in the lone star state!

Great Ruby Tuesday picture Grandpa Jim!!!
Love Terry
McDonald's delivery??!!
Now THAT'S service!!

The only thing we get delivered here is Dominoes pizza. We don't do that very often, but I sure like it when we do.
Cool pic! I wish my McDonald's delivered!
All I can say about this is that I hate to eat anyplace where I have to unwrap my food. I prefer washable dinnerware....
Love you.
Please pray for my brother Mick. He may have suffered a stroke, but we're not sure.

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