Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Parting is so sad (leave me your comments)

Dear Blogging Friends,


and please don't cry. This is my line:

I will be scarce until the end part of January unless we can find a cheap Internet Cafe on the QM2 or in Grenada. It is getting cool here so we had to go. We did get new bathing suits last Sunday.

So check for me every now and once in a while on my
Jim's Little Blog or Jim's (other Little Place) where I might could put up a word or two once in a while. This is my final goodbye--for now.

Hope this soothes you somewhat (someone asked, so for sure you don't cry),

Dr. Jim

And Adi?

Adi can.

Adi can get her suitcase packed!

She doesn't like flying so Karen and Billy have her. Mitch and Carmen are keeping Katrin. Thank you kids!

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don't cry for me argentina, eva peron and jim...
Wishing you a very Happy New Year. Take care of yourself and maybe we will hear from you every now and then. You will be missed!
Happy new year and good sailing.
Sounds to me like you need to retire to Florida....I can't believe a little cold weather shooooed you away....Have a good time, Jim and Mrs. Jim....lol.

Have a Happy New Year!
Dear Mr. & Mrs. Jim,
you have kept us all entertained this past year. I've learned a lot and I laughed even more.
God bless you on your journey and every day of this New year From Felisol
HI Jim,
I just came by to wish you a Happy New Year but see I also need to wish you safe travels as well.
Take Care.
Just coming by to wish you and Mrs. Jim and Adi and Katrin a Happy New Year and a Happy Birthday to Mrs. Jim!....Love Terry
Jim, cold is Minnesota, not Houston! Have a good time.
It's 'snow good' of you to leave town for better weather. For sure you and the Mrs. would like our area in the summer or fall. Send that Adi up here and we'll outfit her for a dog sled team .... mush, mush!

Happy New Year to your entire gang.

P.S. I made it to midnight :)
Happy New Year to you and Mrs. Jim.

For sure Mrs. Mac and the choice word in your comment to Mr. Jim is "FALL" Ha!!!!!!!!!!Love Terry
Dear Mrs. Jim,
Happy Birthday,
hope Mr. Jim will sing you the song!
from Felisol
Hurry back!
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Hi Jim,
Don't worry about the christmas tag, now I can't wait for next christmas :-)
Anju answered the questions, so at least I could see how she celebrates christmas in India.

Have a good trip (I wasn't in Texas, my mom and I went to Oberstdorf area in Allgäu, I put up my pics today) and a blessed and happy new year!

Talk to you later :-)
Happy New Year to all you two.
I hope you'll write when you get work.

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