Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Ruby (Red) Tuesday -- Santa came early this year, for Jim

Early was for my birthday in October


This is my new Gateway laptop. I have not been using it much until now as I had to wait and renew my Norton antivirus for three computers this time.

The computer was a "bargain" as it is a discontinued model. Even though, it has three gigabyte (3GB) Ram and a nice 120 GB hard drive. The newer ones have more but this will be plenty for me.

I may keep it as my computer to use daily as it runs nice. I am liking Vista so far as well. I bought it to take on our jaunts and needed the price break so if it got stolen or lost I wouldn't be out very much (about two and a half months of my Ford retirement checks).

Did you know lap tops are the leading item lost and stolen in airports?

Now for a change in scenery in case
you'd rather look at cars than computers


Here we have my friend's 1937 Ford Stake Bed truck. Herb restored it doing all the work, even the painting.

This is the third 1937 Ford truck he has rebuilt. At present he is doing a 1934 Ford car.

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Was your birthday on a Tuesday?

I have to say, I loved stake bed trucks. So handy for hauling hay and anything oddly shaped.
I like your red computer best! It looks pretty nice. I haven't ever used a laptop.
Beautiful red car as I like those old models very much.
However that red PC is pretty nifty!
Great reds this week Jim!
Happy Birthday/Christmas late/early.... Looks like a nice computer. Cool car too. Plenty of red.
Dear Jim,
losts of nice red stuff. I think I'd go for the car.
I'm not at friendly terms with Norton.
It is slowing my machine down and steadily commanding me to do this and that.
Gunnar had to reinstall the whole shebang.
Hubby and Daughter are swearing to Macs.
I insist that the old Tosh has to run another year.
But the Ford, so red and shiny, I'd even consider taking a driver's license.
From Felisol
The Gateway and mouse are striking, stylish and oh so RED! as for the ford, that 221 flathead V8 is detailed so well, and the styling is gorgeous. I'm not sure I'd want to test those mechanical brakes though...
WOW, what a cool car!!!
But I like the lap top as well :-)

Happy late B-Day :-)
Gday Jim, I like your red computerand if you can save a few bob on the purchase all the better.. nice red car also...
Nice, nice computer. You'll like it I'm betting. I heard last week there is a program where if you lose your laptop you can call a number and it will contact the computer and shut it off never to work again without the password. I think it was on the Kim Kamando show.
Happy Birthday, Jim =)

Your laptop is so nice =D
Hi Jim,
guess you are right about my site being too full.
When Serina comes I'll get her help me remove the music.

Gunnar says he thought only Ferrari had red lap tops..
He has now installed New Norton for our three computers.
Before that I was a waiting stress wreck.

The Microsoft vistas go cheaply. I will not have my xp changed for vista.

I would rather go for a ride in the Fordie.
My uncles had two buses The Ford and The Fordie with similar noses to the red -38.
(They also had Chevrolets and a Studebaker even elder).
My cousin has spent a fortune trying to locate one of the Fords buried in a sand quarry.

Lots of happy memories attached to cars, because my granddad and my uncles would always embrace the whole grand-family and take us for rides.

I doubt I ever come to Texas, my family are living up north, Chicago, Seattle and Montana. (One first cousin also in Nebraska actually.)

My nearest plans are Amsterdam and anywhere in Italy.
Dreams are free.
From Felisol
Dear Jim ~~ I like your new red laptop and glad you are happy with Vista so far. I have it on my laptop and manage OK. Thanks for your comments and I have heard that song, "Grandma got run over by a reindeer"
My favorite Christmas song is by John Lennon ~ "So this is Christmas"
The blonde with the thermos didn't quite get it, did sha?, Take care,
Regards, Merle.
Hi Jim, that laptop looks nice. I'm after a new computer as the one I'm using now is over eight years old and something inside it is starting to make strange noises. Vicki has Vista on her laptop and can't see what the advantages are but I think thats maybe because I only ever use it when she gets in a mess so haven't found my way around properly. I read in my magazine that Microsoft are already working on a new O/S thats more user friendly than Vista. Bob.
Your new laptop is pretty.
I like the red, and it is perfect for Ruby Tuesday.
I hope you never lose it, and I hope it never gets stolen.
I like your ruby red computer, and even the mouse is red! Very cool. I've never used a laptop. Someday...

Happy belated Ruby Tuesday, Jim.

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