Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Ruby (Red) Tuesday -- What makes you happy?

I have decided that it all depends upon your stage in life. Think about it for the stage you are in, you might agree.

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My happiness. It isn't the cup of coffee, it is the free coffee for seniors at the grocery store. That makes me very happy. Generally on the way to fruit, through the bakery good, I find a couple of piece of pastry sample to nibble on with my coffee.

Another nice thing I can do is head on over for a refill when I am in the mood for a second cup. They don't care at the store, they are glad I am here and not down the street.

Don't you worry that the cup isn't full either. It is self service, I like my coffee hot so most times I have this much two or three times, drinking it before it gets very much cooled down. And I might have another pastry sample.

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Young people generally are happy with toys. A pretty room with floor space to play helps a lot.

I didn't count the animals and dolls, I have bought a couple, Mrs. Jim has purchased her share as well. I don't know where they all come from, do you?

Thinking it over, I believe they come from shopping trips either close at the mall or far away on vacation or at a discovered gift shop, you name them, there are places to buy your kids toy animals.

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Coffee tastes yucky, so it does not make me happy.
I can drink it if it has LOTS of cream and sugar in it.
I do like tea and hot chocolate and hot cider.

I remember the days when my kids had lots of toys piled all over the place. It was hard to keep their rooms in order.
Now, they have clothes and lots of other junk piled here and there.
My daughter is home from college for holiday break, and I don't care if she keeps her room messy. I am just glad she is home.
My son's room looks like a tornado hit it.

My family makes me very happy.
I like toys too! Ha ha ha!
What makes me happy? Good health and happy family!
Dear Jim,
Free coffee is alright, especially if it is freshly brewed.
I am choosy about coffee.
The Italians know a trick or two.

You did not know, did you, that stuffed animal toys multiply at nights?
I assure you that must be true.
Daughter Serina has placed most of her collection up in the attic. Even so the remaining cats and teddies seem to grow in number every time she's home.
I dare not think of what's going on in the attic!
From Felisol
Eh. There was a question about what's making me happy?
My daughter's laughter, the first dandelion, My Mom's energy, my hubby's recognition, thousand glowing Advent sticks, the star playing along with the organ on the last verse of Deilig er jorden.

Deilig er Jorden

Creation’s beauty dower, Image of majestic power

Inspires a hymn, the soul’s deligh;

Through earth’s fair heritage, Our soul’s sweet pilgrimage
Leads to the land of heavenly light.

Seasons of life shall come, Surely as time rolls on
Man in his father’s way hath trod.

Unending heavenly choirs Echol the heart’s desires,
Praising our glorious walk with God.

Heavenly cherubim Sing to the sons of men,
Echoing tidings of joy on high;
God’s peace to all mankind, Gods’ peace be yours and mine;
Salvation unto us draws nigh.

Translated by Joyce Jordan.
From Felisol
You can have my share of the coffe Jim. Tell them I said so.
The clown on the tractor below is heading to the park. Yes he is married. And apparently drinking.
Another two days of nice weather would make me happy. I have about that much more field work to do. However, it's supposed to get down to 9 degrees tonight. That will stop the disking.
I think it's wonderful that they give free coffee to seniors! My mother gets the senior discount at Dunkin' Donuts and McDonald's, but not free ~

I have lots of stuffed animals. I decorate with them.

As for kids' rooms, both of ours have rooms that could use some work, shall we say. They are both in college, but their rooms are as they left them. ;-)
Coffee's made me happy in every stage of my life since I was about 10.

But that looks like that evil decaf stuff!
Yeah I like those places with free coffee. We have quite a few of them around here.
I love my coffee and it makes me happy, and without it I get a headache. I am sure I consume way to much coffee.
Dear Mr. Jim...I was so glad to see you at my blog. It has been a while since I came here to comment. I did send you an email last week but maybe it got lost in cyberspace, eh?
I like that room that is full of toys. It is so tidy and neat too!
Is this Katrin's room?
I like Jamie Dawn's idea of just being glad that her daughter is home. When we were kids Mom Golden used to keep the house so shiny and clean and one day she discovered the best thing in life was to spend the time with her kids.
She used to kill two birds with one stone sometimes. She would wax her floor and instead of using the polisher, she would put a couple of kids on a fluffy blanket and then drag us all over the floor. We would laugh and she would get her floor polished at the same time!
Jamie Dawn's son's room sounds like my house. If you noticed Mr. Jim, I never did take any Ruby Red rooms, eh? I just took pictures of my tidy walls, although the pictures WERE a bit crooked!!

Mr. Jim, Bernie and I are both 59 but because of my white hair, we always get senior coffees. Betty gets so mad when they think that she is a senior[65 in Canada] and she pays regular. I always say that I am not a senior and then I say "Thanks!", as I take the senior price.
I like lots of cream in my coffee but if the coffee is not especially hot, I will leave the cream out so that the black coffee IS as hot as it can be.

What makes me happy Mr. Jim is that the Lord would ever love the likes of me so much that He died to save me!
My family is my joy and what makes me really happy is all of the different friends I have met on the Blogger sites!
Felisol is my joy and my bestest friend.
Amazing grace man is my Grandpaw Ron and you dear Mr. Jim are my beloved singing telegram man.
Donna is my praying friend, Audrey is my buddy, jel is my sunshine, Mary T is my inspiration, Mrs. Mac is the one I pick on and I could go on and on and on but I better say so long for now....Love Terry
I love your Ruby Tuesday post, Jim! But the RED/orange top on the coffee means "decaf" no? I'm a caffeinated chick! How great is that room with all the stuffed animals! :) Happy Ruby Tuesday!

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