Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Aboard the Queen Mary 2 -- Our holiday, or vacation from retirement life, Part Two

This is a part of a work in progress, more will follow (I hope). Click here to read what else I have posted about our Holiday at Sea.
Day six of an eleven day Caribbean cruise, January 3, 2009: Today we went to Barbados. Mrs. Jim had been there previously in 2001 for Mitch and Carmen's wedding. Then we took a taxi in the morning and rode around the island for about six hours. We felt we had seen enough then of Barbados.

So we took a quick trip down town (Bridgetown), checked the shops and the church, then walked back to the ship.

The walk back was very pretty and we were not in a hurry. Mrs. Jim got a free charm for her bracelet at most of the Diamonds. She got the first ones during our Alaska Cruise. Diamonds International is at almost every port.

That evening we celebrated Mrs. Jim's birthday. The waiters from our section all sang the Happy Birthday Song to her. Her birthday was January 1 but we didn't take passage until the 3rd. No problem, it was Cunard's idea to celebrate it while we were aboard.

After supper had partially digested we headed off to the poolside deck party. The food was good, at left was the salad and h'orderves, the main course serving line is pictured on the right.

The band was loud and Caribbean style. They played Jimmy Buffet songs real well. Since people were dancing they played other types of music as well.

And no, we didn't order drinks from this drink cart.

We did dance a little here after the 'dance lesson' session had finished.

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Nice trip and b/d celebration for Mrs. Jim. You two know how to boogie! Are you glad to be home to cooler weather?
boy jim do you know how to post pictures on blogs,,,,wow....i wish i could do that????i am just teasing with you...i have been on several blogs justmylife and dad's who mock the world and they DON'T HAVE PICTURES either...so i will wait for dan and then i will post pictures of my cruise on the uss a patch when i spent 2 weeks eating everything up to the captain's dinner of shrimp lobster crab roast beast eclairs flaminfg cherries
hello Jim and Mrs Jim,
looks like ya had alot of fun there !
Dear Jim,
I've already sent my congratulations to Mrs. Jim.
Looks like she had a wonderful day.
One thing though, where does she had all the calories from that big birthday cake?
She's slim as a teenager.
Probably did a lot of dancing??
Welcome home.
I sure hope Adi was glad to see you again.
From Felisol
What a nice way to celebrate a birthday. Your pictures are all very nice.
Have to say it looks like you had a great time!
Looks like fun!

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