Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ruby (Red) Tuesday -- Another sampling of Curacao -- Our holiday, or vacation from retirement life, Part Four

This is a part of a work in progress, more will follow (I hope). Click here to read what else I have posted about our Holiday at Sea.

People are 'clamoring' for more cruise pictures. So Here are some pictures I took the day of our little visit to Curacao. Just so happens I could find four with nice red colors in them to post on this Ruby (Red) Tuesday.

Our greeting at Curacao
These fellows made sure we went
where we were supposed to go

Wandering around town, we'd been there before
Curacao is very colorful, the Dutch ordered that a long time ago. The reason was because people were saying it was a 'dull' town. So big government found a way to brighten things up. Maybe that would help brighten our country up right now, somebody please write our new pres.

"Somebody" thought I finally had found
someone who would make me look good(?)
Hint: not a self portrait here

A hearty breakfast should be had before any hard endeavor. I started at the waffle and omelet bar. The red stuff is ketchup. I generally drink two glasses of water with my meals as I take a lot of medicine. Getting two at the start means I don't have to spend precious effort getting refills taken care of.

Our first stop was Curacao.
Click here to read about our trip. It is a work in progress, more will follow (I hope).

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I agree...some color in this country would be wonderful. Bright colors just make people feel better...dull colors everywhere you go is depressing. I love the art...would look so cool in my garden! :) Thanks for sharing.
Jim, next time your aductor puts you in the trunk, ask him to put you closer to the tail lights. I would assume that you can wiggle around and do the needed job.....

Very colorful town you visited there. I like bright colors too, but I don't want our government mandating the use of it......The neighborhood association does enough of that.lol.
You really have some stupendous pictures posted here from your trip. I love it when God painta a beautiful sunset so that we can capture it in our photos, like your pics from the QEII.

I prefer Salsa on my omelet, but the waffle looks good! Keep the good pics coming! I don't like to travel much myself, but I like seeing pictures and reading about other folks' trips.
Hello, Jim,
Lovely ruby pix from Curacao.
I never have been there not think I ever will, so you posting this report enlighten my grey brain.
Most impressing; Jim snd the multicolored lady.
Made me smile twice.
(As I scrolled down and up).
From Felisol
Painting the whole country purple would be about as good a stimulus plan as the one we're getting.
Hi Jim.
Glad your'e back and thanks for the
visit,been pretty slack with blogging but hope to get back to it
Breakfast looks yummy but without the ketchup, thank you.

I never knew that about Curacao. That's a neat idea. In the States, though, whenever anyone paints their house a bright color they get laughed out of town, or something similar.
Very nice pictures Jim. I wish I could go on a trip like that. Someday maybe!
Gday Jim. Great photo's of your trip Ive left an award at my place hope you can come by and pick it up...Jen
Ah, Jim, you eat waffles with ketchup? Yuk!
Well, just kidding, I can see you had the ketchup on the omelet ;-)

Thank you so much for your abiding check on my blog, it's really encouraging to see how tireless you are and read other blogs and support...

God bless!
hey that is an exact match of the little tug i have posted on barlow putz with pictures that i had to put on because you failed me jim,,, ussa patch, an actual alien, muse bridge on the internet that dan down laded for me, not you
How wonderful for you two!
There are a few houses in our neighborhood where folks felt so uninhibited- Salmon, lavender (not joking- fact is, there are a couple in shades of purple). Then another one is mustard, along with blue as in a broomstick with red & white trim. Of course not all on my street! Ha...my son's friend told me (he paints houses) having been instructed on what to paint on a number of them, remarked "are ya sure you want to do this"?? Many regretted it. I guess this is going off the subject but I still like the freedom? What would we do w/out color?? Those pictures are great.
There you go with the food again. Yummy.

We have yet to take a cruise. It's going to be a present we give each other when the girls are all away at college.

Loved the pictures!
The Punda Building looks very nice. The contrast with its surrounding is unique =)

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