Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ruby Tuesday -- Looks good enough to eat but ...

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it almost isn't!

i.e. another MacDonalds Snafu

(link to other MacD's Sanfu's)


Mine didn't look like this at all. This Snack Wrap Mac certainly was not worth the money ($1.49). The one served to me had nothing showing out of the top.

There were two small pieces of hamburger down in there, almost no lettuce, and whatever cheese they did put in there had all melted down into one bite.

I didn't have my camera (wonder of all wonders) or I would have taken a picture of what I got for $1.49. It was absolutely not worth getting.

I would advise you to get the MacDouble for 99¢ instead. That is a much better value, you get quite a meal for that 99¢

Notice the tag below, SCAM. I would call the sale of this thing advertised to be good as a good old fashioned SCAM.

Click the Ruby Tuesday button if you want to see more Ruby Tuesday posts. This week is MACRO PICTURE time (CLOSE-UPS)

Mary is in charge there, you can post your own if you wish.

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Thanks for the heads up Jim!
Glad you're posting again. I'm going to scroll down and catch up now.
I have never tried it and I probably won't. My favorite thing at McDonalds is their French vanilla iced coffee. It's yummy!
Mc Donalds is not one of my favorite places to eat...But I do like the sausage biscuit and hash browns for $ 1.00.
Yep, I have trouble making my truck stop at Mickey Dee's.
But thanks for the warning.
I see you got to cut a rug on the boat. It looks like all y'all had a good time.
I'm thinking the huge hand isn't making it look appetizing, LOL.
i used to work at MCD in HS and college -- don't like anything there but Salads and yogurt parfaits now a days but they are clean inside
Hello Jim,
A Macro Mac, good idea!
When,- I say when, not if-,you come to Norway, you'll find food extremely high priced.
At Mac Donald's I don't think you get anything for less than 3 dollars, not even a cup of coffee.
From Felisol
I haven't seen the MAC wrap so I don't know but I believe you Jim! Imagine charging $1.49 for that! I usually get a Bacon Cheeseburger for whatever price they charge. Ha! :)
ya known that the picture ads never look like the food ya get!

esp in the ads, they use lipstick on the stawberry to make them look better, and when they do the ice cream, it's really lard :(

and the only time i eat at
micky D's is when they have the really good toys in their happy meals ;)
That's very yummy. Looks a bit like KFC's. ;p
Either way...thats totally not on my diet!! Happy WW my friend..thanks for stopping by:)
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Try the chicken wrap. It's good & even has a chicken strip in it. I get the ranch one.
Pretty soon it will be Lent & then we'll get a break on fish sandwiches, probably, though some McD's don't participate in that special.
Some years it's 2-4 same price, which is a bad deal if your mate doesn't want a fish sandwich too.
Hi Jim ~~ How great that you really have achieved most of what you wanted to do - well done. And there
should be more for you to achieve.
My air conditioner is flat out most of the day and evening. I feel for those who have lost power, either from the heat and fires here, or the cold in the US. I keep busy all the time too, the days are not long enough. I don't know if these record heat waves are from Global Warming. I
think we always had hot summers, but coped better when we were younger.. I am glad you enjoyed the Pink Dress story and I am sure our guardian angels help us out of some bad situations. I gogled "not fit for man or beast" and found lots of mentions, including MINE. To find your film, maybe google the saying and add movie.
Take care, my friend, Cheers, Merle.

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