Thursday, January 22, 2009

Snoop dog looks for chocolate -- Texas Ladies NCAA -- End of era for Adi

Snooping dog:

Katrin has gotten into my chocolate stashes before. Here she is snooping and sniffing from more. The empty sack was a plant for this picture.

I'm working on a redoing and cleaning out of my office. No pictures until and unless it gets finished.

NOTE for BP: I haven't found any money yet. I did find three out of date checks.

Texas Ladies NCAA Basketball:

We have three teams ranked in the top 25. That's
.5 -- Baylor (16-1)
.9 -- Texas A&M (14-3)
14 -- Texas (14-2)
and on their heels
Houston (11-5) [C-USA leader]
Texas Tech (11-6)

End of era for Adi:

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what do you mean by end of an era? Is adi in the garbage can or is she still alive?
What happened to ADI's bathtub? Aren't you going to buy her a new one? Good luck cleaning out your office.
Oh Golly Cliff, Adi is fine. Her tub aged (plastic) and broke like this. Thank you for your concern.
I guess I will quit blogging in mourning for a long time when Adi dies.

Lucy, I haven't found her a real bath tub yet. I would like a small wash tub, not plastic.
Dude, that is just TRAGIC! What happened? Didya run it over?

I hear there are some shells to be had in Galveston. It's on my "bucket list" to check it out someday.

Twin Reflections In The Sky at My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

Tink *~*~*
Hi Jim..just stopping by to say Aloha. I noticed all the shots of your dogs.
My husband & I have owned dogs in the past but "our baby" now is in doors- really another world. She's a Shepherd/Chow mix- just 2years old that we love love. We make jokes all the time about how she's improved our marriage. Ha.
My son visited Costa Rica a few years back and he took a photo nearly as similar as yours when you were in Guatemala?(the reggae singers). It's one of my favorites. Well, have a good day-
Does that mean no more baths? Won't that make her happy?
Your pet is so cute =)
Gday Jim, You gave me a fright "Adi end of an era" I thought her days had come to end...
So pleased to see she still with us I think the whole blog world would go into mourning if anything happened to Adi,,.. What happened to her bath tub?
You got me worried there Jim, I see from the other comments that Adi is ok and its just the tub that bit the dust! Bob.
You have such a beautiful companions! I have my Aita who is very naughty and doesn't like bathing (not like Adi).
The fruit that I posted on my blog can be eaten with ice cream, with cake or just the fruit because is delicious!!
Ok I will visit your Sky Watch Friday photo!
jimm, i found some of my pictures by going to the internet because i don't have personal pics of those 13 things i mentione3d, but don/t know how get the pic to you, could you go to say buuddy holly for yourself say and then use my pass word with the pic you find?????
Until you find a replacement tub, just use Mrs. Jim bathtub ;)
Well looks like you will be needing a new tub. Does adi like baths. Rocky isn't crazy about them. My boys will do his bathing as I don't think he will cooperate with me.

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