Saturday, January 31, 2009

Women drivers -- Watch out for these especially

Some women seem to have problems with their cars. In getting them parked or maneuvering any place other than the wide open road it can be troubles.

If you can't open it or want your own copy go here

There are several ladies driving around in this world who are very, very good drivers. Taught by me.

One of my trademarks was to teach them to take their hands off the steering wheel when crossing the RR tracks. Wow! Did they ever learn the right way for RR crossing, and quickly when they showed off their newly acquired skills to the wrong persons.

I'll not list the ones I have taught, some were family members, others were just 'friends.' Some even read my blog.

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One of the worst woman drivers I have ever known lived in El Paso. She ran a stop sign right in front of my Vespa motor scooter. I was riding it down a main thorough-fare, she was on a side street.

We were not traveling too awfully fast, each well within the speed limit. She just didn't stop.

I ended up on the hood of her car. Both of my knees were sore for a long time but nothing was broken. The scooter needed quite a bit of repair. It turned out she did not have insurance for anything except collision (covered her own car). She had just purchased this Pontiac new and that is all the dealer sold her.

She did fuss at me for being on the street. Then she said not only did I not have a right to be there but that I was traveling without any lights on. The policeman told her that yes, I did have my lights on. When I pushed it out of the middle of the intersection the lights tried to come on until I took it out of gear.

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HAHA, Jim, that's funny!!

Come back to my blog, please, I've posted something about the picture just for you :-)
I'm just saying I was here. I ain't saying more than that.
I think I am a fairly good driver and I have never had a speeding ticket. When I turned 40 I told my sister I am going to live dangerously because I have never had a speeding ticket, she was in the car with me! She laughed and said " I don't think going one mile over the speed limit is going to do it!" I am really behind in my blog reading. Try to catch up a little this weekend.
I couldn't open this or directly in youtube- But, we are do for a new modem which hasn't arrived. I'll check it out.
Funny, my dad & my brother at different times taught me how to drive...consequently I in turn mentored my boys! No...this isn't exactly good news! I am so much better now but this is due mainly to watching my husband. It's never been me who was alarmed though (generally with a few exceptions)!
Pretty bad Mr. Jim!
All of these accident prone lady drivers.
But why in tarnation are YOU posting it.
I mean, aren't you the guy who wants to cover the roads with rubber as you speed as fast as you can?
The funniest of all these "fender benders" was that red car sinking into the hole! Ha!!!
Love Terry, this was all women...except for the last? The lady at the gas pump was by far the funniest! Now my mom wouldn't parellel park but it was my dad who flew through a car wash and slammed into a pole across a street- setting off the air bag! Lucky he dropped my short mom (you know what they say about small people/or children & airbags at the grocery store! Now to be fair, he was maybe almost 90 at the time! He fractured his knee and had a bunch of abraisions!
Rude, I tell ya-
That video is so funny!! I was LOL at those goofy people. How in the world did they ever get their license?? Thanks for the chuckles!!
Jim, I am actually a good driver....I could believe that woman who couldn't park her car and the man had to come in and in one feld swoop he backed it into that parking place.....The woman at the gas pump, why didn't she just come in from the other direction and make the whole thing easier?

Check this out and the one below it? It's terrifying.
HaHa! So funny =)
Hi Jim, That video is amazing, it makes you wonder how they ever passed a driving exam. Bob
OMG! Jim, I've NEVER seen women driving like that! I think that was all staged! LOL! I called my husband in to watch on my computer. He said "Jim's right!" Thanks for the compliment about my Manic Monday post! :)
Everyone in Singapore should be thankful I don't drive. It could be disastrous. hehe....

My hubby says he would always worry if I drive the car out. I don't stop at traffic junctions. :P
Hi Jim
This is me, Bernie. Terry's slave
The best one in the whole video was the guy at the end.
He slid right in there to get that parking spot before some dumb lady!
I am laughing so hard I am choking!!! Bernie
Oh my!!

In that video, that lady trying to back in and park is certainly an awful driver. It's a good thing that man came over and parked it for her.
I am not a great driver, but I can parallel park. I'm not sure how well I'd do if my car started to hydroplane. I'm not good at quickly thinking and reacting.

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