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Aboard the Queen Mary 2 -- What to do in January? Go to St. John in the Virgin Islands -- Our holiday, or vacation from retirement life, Part Five

[This is a part of a work in progress, more will follow (I hope). Click here to read what else I have posted about our Holiday at Sea.]

This was a nice thing to do. Our ship was to be in the port at St. Thomas for about six hours. Follow me:

First, turn the volume up and you can hear the little waves. What you see is 'Beach Bum Jim' of Jim1Jim1 walking the beach in front of the Westin Hotel. Then he picks up the camera and pans up and down the beach.

Not much excitement but you can see and hear the action at the Westin Hotel Beach.
(link to Jim1Jim1 YouTube) .

St. John's Island is mainly a tourist place. For the geography buffs, more than half of the island is a park. (
link) With an area of 19.61 sq mi, it is smaller than our Galveston Island here in Texas. The population is only 4,197 permanent residents.

(Click on any picture for larger size)
We took this taxi to the Red Island Ferry. The views were nice, it rained on us a little all the way so the pictures weren't so hot.

The Red Island Ferry ride was uneventful except that we got to ride free.

We didn't know the beaches. Two other couples said they were going to the Westin Hotel Beach and that it was free. So we did that. On the left is the Westin stuff we had to walk through to get to the beach.

Their pool was very inviting but we were headed for the beach. Besides we didn't bring our bathing suits.

Where to sit, where to sit. "First walk around."
"No, lets get us our chairs first." As if they might run out.

The beach was nice, the water was warm, and we wished we had our swim suits.

Views are to the east on the left, to the west on the right.

We didn't have much time to look around before catching our ferry back. We rode one that got us to the port this time. Red Island Ferry which we took first was on the other side and end of the island. It was cheaper and somehow we rode for free.

We did ride the second one for half price at the senior rate. They only wanted to give that rate to the locals but we said we were U.S. citizens too. And that we sure didn't discriminate like that in Texas. The young lady got tired of fooling with us and the ferry was waiting for us, the last passengers. So she let us ride as seniors. Our fare was $five and change each.

This time since the ride was short, our 'taxi' fare was $2.00 each Here is a view down a side street.

We were happy to be at our ship almost an hour early. Three people were running late and the ship waited for them. Wasn't it nice that Queen Mary 2 would do that for them!

We decided to stop at the Internet cafe across the street to catch our e-mail and peek at my blog. This was all day for $4.00 or $1.50 an hour. We had used all of our package on the ship and were now paying 75¢ a minute.

We headed back to our cabin to change for our meal. The view is from our deck. Ladies don't miss much with their phones, Mrs. Jim discovered that our cell phone worked here at the St. Thomas port. She had missed a whole day of being on the phone except for this half hour or so.

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Nice photos of your great trip. That looks just so much nicer than this snow! I like the sounds of the waves, relaxing, I just about dozed off in my chair!!
I loved reading about your trip and seeing all the photos! That beach looks nice you were walking on and certainly not crowded. Loved the sound of the waves too.

Looks like you had a great Valentine's day as well!
Hi Jim,

Thought I would pop back by and see what was happening in Texas but it looks like you weren't in Texas - at least not for this post!

I can't even imagine being able to cruise about the QM2 - that had to be so exciting! Or at least to me who has never been on a cruise ship with the exception of the Queen Mary permanently docked in Long Beach it would be.

That's one of my goals before I check out of this life - go on a cruise. God willing maybe someday I'll get the chance!

Feel free to post the sound of the waves anytime - I love 'em!
How beautiful that beach is! I loved hearing the sounds of the waves. That's the kind of sounds one could easily fall asleep to.
I like the sound of waves coming in and out....I could also hear the wind blowing...Beautiful place to visit....Glad you had fun.
Dear Jim,
you were posing perfect as a beach bum on YouTube.
I like a good swim in the sea.
Pools are usually so filled up with stinking chlorine.
"Our" swimming hall here in the town has a big sea water pool.

You did so well in taking your vacation in January.
Either go in winter-lair or at a cruise.
I think most of us prefer the last option.

Now that we're half through February I guess spring has come to Texas.
Would be nice to have a good spring report.

From Felisol
Great pictures Jim. It looks and sounds like you guys had a great time.
Ray says Hi. Glad you enjoyed your trip. Nice beach sounds. Kinda takes the stress outta things.
Hi Jim, Thanks for the advise to keep my foot up Docs advise also....

Nice photo's from your holiday.. just loved watching the waves and the peaceful sound of them comming onto beach.. you nearly got a dipping as you walked into the water.
have a good weekend
come on jim, i need your visit to my post and i would love to watch you in all those boat picturea on your 127 part retirement vaction, but i need your love on my blog
Next time try a snow-cation ;) How can Texan's enjoy so much sunshine?? Don't you ever crave a little bit of wooshing and swooshing? Drinking cocoa round a big roaring fire in a ski lodge? Just kidding ... your trip pics look like a nice change of scenery for this snow queen.
Fantastic post.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

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