Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Adi Can . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Predict the weather on Ground Hog Day

[large picture] [super size]

[large picture] [super size]
Adi is good. She could forecast the weather in her sleep.

Since the ground hog squirrel did see its shadow then Adi said, "Six more weeks of winter" and promptly went back to sleep

[large picture] [super size]
Katrin didn't get excited either. She seemed dejected. I don't know why because she loves to go out in the cold and is always really frisky then.

.Our cold gets down into the low 40's and sometimes in the 30's at night and in the 50's, 60's, and 70's for highs. Occasionally this winter it got up into the 80's. Like they say about getting old, Global Warming is H*ll.

Not everyone knows about Ground Hog Day. Do you have Ground Hog Day on February 2 in your country? You don't have to be a meteorologist to determine how much more winter we will have.

Just look at the ground hog (a form of squirrel) on February 2. If 'he' sees his shadow when he comes out of his nest/hole and sees his shadow he will run back in afraid of it. He will stay in for six more weeks and then come back out.

If he can't see his shadow then he says 'it must be spring' and stays out.
Ground hog observations are given a lot of weight by the people in the United States and Canada.

Of course we all smile and know it doesn't really work like that, a squirrel doesn't affect the weather nor does he predict it.

But the ground hog did see his shadow in Pennsylvania, the official site, so we will have six more weeks of winter.

Bottom line, if squirrels can predict the weather so can Adi.


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I started reading what you typed before the picture came up and when it did, I laughed my butt off. (I wish)
Well it is about time you featured my niece on your blog Grampa Jim!
What a darling and I don't blame her a bit for rolling on her side and sleeping the cold winter away.
After all, you haven't been feeding her.
She may as well be dreaming about food!

I wouldn't been on your blog but that Bernie was laughing so hard that I wondered what in tarnation was going on and here apparently he had watched your women driver video.
Not nice!
I will have to forgive you because I don't like to have mad thoughts on Ruby Tuesday.
I won't be able to do a Ruby Tuesday post until tomorrow after noon.
Till then...Take care.....Love Terry
I think this year we have about 18 more months of winter.
Adi is the sweetest thing, but I don't think she's a meteorologist yet. More likely she's a bit indolent, or what?
She's having a good life, that's most important.
From Felisol
Dear Jim,
of course Adi can if you say so.

I read about ground hog day in teach Mary's post. the Mayor of New York had to go to the Zoo to see what the spring would be like!

You Americans sure make your own tradition.
Just talked with my Mom tonight.
She always hold February second for the first spring day. She's a farmer's daughter, and south of Stavanger where she grew up is the "warmest" place in Norway. They are known for early potatoes and early tomatoes.
In fact a farmer there every year present the king with a sack of early potatoes.
First day of spring was time to plough and pick stones from the fields..

On our hike today we went on steel-ice on the waters. We did not try skating though.

I wonder what Adi would have said to that?
From Felisol
Hmmmmm....I'll just bet Adi and Mr. Ground Hog have a pact going....
Ray says he apologizes that he can no longer enjoy the privilege of making profound comments here since he has no Blogger account.
Jim..my apologies- that poem last night simply ended in a rant! Soo.. I edited a bit though I'm sure you've gathered that kind of thing frustrates me. I want you to come back and check out my itsy bitsy Haiku w/photos. I took them with my first digital camera (not someone elses). Enlarge it too. Your dogs are beautiful..what a pose on top! I hope you'll read this! It's in the 70's where I am.
You're so creative, Jim! I love the first picture and the one with the squirrel!
And btw, if you send me your favorite postcard and your mailing address, I WILL paint a picture for you! :-)
I've always questioned that whole ground hog thing, it has just never made sense. I mean - if a ground hog he can't see his shadow then he says 'it must be spring' and stays out. Doesn't it make more sense that if he could see his shadow he would think it was Spring. You know, Sunshine + Shadow = Spring.
Is there NO END to what Adi can do??
I think not.
She's quite a dog!!

You are sitting in a little red wagon with a little tin man at your side. Very cute photo.
Well, only time will tell if ADI was right in her prediction...lol. For some reason, I don't think we will have six more weeks of winter...Not here in Houston, that is.
You on the wagon..how I missed that I'll never no! Please explain this and the tin man? Or correct me-
We have a Limited Edition Ground Hog egg on Hatchlings in Facebook too. Facebook is fun =) Would Mrs Jim and Mr Jim like to be on Facebook?
my whole life is spent with my head under my pillow, jim....adi and i have something in common

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